In A Castle: Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle Estate

The history of a castle and at what age or era it stood as someone's home is a couple of the many reasons that make castles in general, of interest.  We wonder what kind of lives were lead  and how did someone go about decorating a castle so that it was home to them.  I am in the belief that as a space gets larger it becomes harder to properly decorate,  I would perhaps find myself a minimalist for the first time if ever having to facing the daunting task of decorating any space larger than my modest Los Angeles apartment.  My sudden interest in castle interiors have led me to compile a few pictures of the famous Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Front of Hearst Castle

Entrance door

Front entrance room

Close up of the fireplace in the front entrance room

A view of the tapestries & ceiling of the front entrance room

The dining hall

A view of the wall decor, buffet table and flags in the dining hall

The dining table and chairs

The library

View of the archways in the library

Indoor pool during the day

View of the statues in the indoor pool area

The indoor pool diving platform

Indoor pool in the evening

View from atop, the outdoor pool

the Athenian style outdoor pool

The guest house

The guest cabanas

The guest cabanas' entrance doors

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom



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