Home Of: Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady

Gisele Caroline Bundchen & Tom Brady

Date of birth:  July 20, 1980 & August 3, 1977
Place of birth:  Rio Grande, Brazil & San Mateo, California
Occupation:  Model & Quarterback for the New England Patriots

Most famously known for being the highest paid model & playing quarterback for the New England Patriots

*Photos via Architectural Digest
Exterior of the home 


Great Room 

Family Room

Main staircase 


Sitting area of the master bedroom 

Master Bathroom 

Master Closet

Guest Room


Dining Room 

Breakfast Room


Outdoor Loggia

Outdoor Area 

Yard Exterior Near Pool Deck

Pool Deck 

 Chicken Coop

I Stand Behind: The Single Post Toilet Paper Holder

I remember all too well the nightmare having to change out the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom, the spring-loaded double posted toilet paper roll holders were anything but easy to handle. I'm still not quite sure why those things still exist because the single post toilet paper roll holders are soooo awesome! It really is that easy to use and the design is flawless. The little lip at the edge of the single post holders keep the toilet roll from falling off the post and the design is so simple it's almost as if the holder isn't there at all.

White Out

I try to steer clear of white even in my wardrobe but that isn't to say that the color itself isn't worthy of some notice. Check out these beautiful images of homes that consists of rooms that are whited out. The results are nothing less than ethereal.

Accentuating With Brass

I have a tendency, like most others to focus on color when it comes to decor, and why wouldn't I? Color is affordable, the change can be big or small and you have a large selection of color to choose from to achieve the style and mood you want.  But lets face it, as great as changing the color of your walls can be or adding a color to accent the room it just doesn't achieve the kind of greatness using brass to accentuate can do. It will burn a hole in your pocket for sure but if you've got the funds and the budget why not go with something more unique and a little more fab.

Here are a choice images from an article Dwell Magazine did on brass in one family's home. It is... nothing less than awesommmme.

Inspirational Blue Rooms

Love the extra large crushed velvet royal blue L sofa. 

Loving the mixture of blue-toned teals in one room. 

Love the fact that you can use powder blue in other rooms other than a nursery. 

Love the way blue can look bold, brave yet soothing in a small space 

Love how printed blue wallpaper that is a risk of looking too busy can actually look beautifully unique. 

 Love the way the use of blue in this image is inspiring.


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