A Literal Cork Board

It's probably not the first time I've seen this nor the first time you've seen this but for some reason I always get wowed when I see it. It's a cork board, literally. A board full of corks, wine corks. I have to admit that after having seen one done so beautifully it makes me want to create my own, but that would be a lot of wine to drink. But if you've got a collection of corks already saved here's a fun project you can seriously think about doing.

Small Bathrooms Can Have Double Sinks?!

My master bathroom only has a single sink but luckily our home has two bathrooms so if ever we catch ourselves fighting to brush our teeth at the same time one of us simply moves to the other bathroom to finish brushing. An amateur such as myself thought the most logical thing when our home was being renovated, our bathroom is just too small to have a double sink, apparently, I was wrong. Our bathroom wasn't too small to have a double sink- there is no such thing, but my mind was too small to think otherwise. Of course as I look at all these images of beautiful small bathrooms with double sinks I'm kicking myself for not thinking outside of the box and into the circle. 


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