Culver City Smog Shop

My brother is getting married.  I followed him the other night to a place in Culver City called the Smog Shop, like it's name the Smog Shop is an automobile smog shop, the twist is... it's an auto shop that has been converted into an event venue.  Small in size it's quaint, the decor is like a run-down older version of Anthropologie, yes, the clothing store: wood, vintage furniture, succulents, vintage vintage and... more vintage.  In a nutshell, it's a unique space, a romantic space... a beautiful space.  Take a look.

The front entrance

A look at the space from the entrance door

Use of outdoor Wooly pockets allows for beautiful foliage on the walls which serve as a back-drop for wedding ceremonies

A view of the bathroom door & stairway to the bridal room upstairs

The bridal floor that over-looks the outdoor space

The bridal floor bathroom entry

The shower stall inside the bridal bathroom

Women's public restroom downstairs

The reception area

The reception area with a view of the sitting area

A closer view of the sitting area

A green tufted vintage armchair in the sitting area

A very large fan

DWR's Wegner Coffee Table, Sawbuck & Era Round Arm with Cane Chairs

DWR's Wegner Coffee Table is gorgeous!  Okay okay, I get it, you're thinking how can she call something so simple gorgeous?  The simplicity of an all wood, round, three peg leg table IS gorgeous.  The table with all it's simplicity has a way of toning down any room and giving it an earthy feeling, this is one of the qualities of the table that I think is important.

Wegner Coffee Table, Designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son
17.25"h x 30.75"dia

Era Round Arm with Cane, Designed by Michael Thonet
31.5"h x 23.5"w x 24"d x 18.5"h of seat

The Era Round Arm with Cane chair reminds me of a french cafe, it's vintage style and simple design is what makes it unique in giving it a quality that can only be described as vintage-contemporary.

Sawbuck - Hallingdal, Designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son
30.25"w x 28.75"w x 26.5"d x 14.5"h of seat x 24"h of arm

clean lines, solid, and truly unique in design, the Sawbuck - Hallingdal is a new item of DWR's that IS DWR.  Every once in a while DWR will get in their collection a design that is/will be a life-long DWR associated product such as the Fabric Swan Chair, Egg Chair and Eames Lounger,  like these chairs I truly believe that this Sawbuck-Hallingdal chair will soon be listed as one of them.

For more new items at DWR click here

Readying Your Outdoor Space For Warmer Weather

When Spring and Summer come around a lot of us have our minds on pool parties, bar-b-ques and hosting beautiful outdoor patio dinners.  There's no perfect time then NOW to look at some of Beautiful Abodes' top picks on outdoor furniture from West Elm. 

Dexter Outdoor Bench 60"w x 22"d x 29"h

I've always had a thing for these types of long benches with the high backs that curved around.  It would make a beautiful stand-alone outdoor bench as well as a beautiful addition to a long wood table for indoor or outdoor use and can even be placed in long hallways or entryways.  The options of use alone for the Dexter Outdoor Bench is a reason that it would be a good purchase.

Dexter Outdoor Coffee Table 36"dia x 16"h

The Dexter Outdoor Coffee Table caught my eye due to it's simplicity, it looks durable and so gives off a cozy feel that reminds me of being indoors near a fireplace, and it's rustic appearance appeals to me which I think gives off a certain something that ordinary modern or contemporary outdoor furnishings lack.

Rajputana Outdoor Rug in Red or Blue
2"w x 3"l, 3"w x 5"l, 5"w x 8"l, 8"w x 10"l, 9"w x 12"l

I think can see how's it a bit odd to have a rug outdoors, even if it is an outdoor rug, the two in a way go against each other.  But Should you have a deck outside with some outdoor furniture an outdoor rug can make all the difference when it comes to your outdoor furniture looking like it's just outside or your outdoor furniture looking like home outside- get my drift?

For more outdoor furniture at West Elm click here

16th Workshop Tall Chest Of Drawers

3' x 3'11" in Western Walnut, Oregon White Oak, Oregon Ash & Myrtle made from Oregon salvaged logs

The craftsmanship is undeniable, and so it is with everything that 16th Workshop seems to make.  Here is my new favorite from 16th Workshop, the very beautiful tall Chest Of Drawers, simplicity is the key ingredient, and with their unconventional easy pull-out drawers creating the special-ness, the... 'one of a kind' outlook on what could have been a very average chest.  I can imagine it very well in childrens rooms or even an office and of course the bedroom, perhaps a walk-in closet- okay, who are we kidding?!  It can go anywhere and it can make the space... LOOK GOOD.

For More information on the 16th Workshop tall Chest Of Drawers click here

Items Of Note: Mod Cloth Electric Garden Charging Station

Mod Cloth Electric Garden Charging Station $24.99

Working all day can be tiring and the last thing you want to do is accidentally chip and scratch surfaces or your gadgets when you take them out of your pockets and ever so lightly throw them on to your desk.  That's exactly what the Electric Garden Charging Station is for.  Lay your gadgets to charge or rest on the nice green grass and you'll save the angst that comes with nicks and scratches that can seem more than just 'a little bit of angst' at the end of a work day.

Hide cords underneath the grass to keep the mess out of view

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Home Of: Vidal Sassoon

Birth name:  Vidal Sassoon
AKA:  Vidal Sassoon
Date of birth:  January 17, 1928
Place of birth:  Hammersmith, London
Occupation:  Hair stylist
Most famously known for the creation of new hairstyles and his brand Vidal Sassoon

The view from Sassoon's home, the rebuilt Singleton House built by architect Richard Neutra

Pool terrace


Living room


Art gallery


Master bathroom

Birds On A Mat! Birds On A Dish! Birds To Light Up My Life!

Decor designs are calling for warmer days by channeling birds.  I see Birds everywhere and there's no complaint here about that, look how cute they are!  Pictured above and below is the Chickadee Delight Doormat ($34.95 @ Mod Cloth).  Made from coir fiber with an oversized bird perched on a twig the design is simple and unique.

Above is a white Bird Bath-Room Soap Dish ($16.99 @ Mod Cloth) though I think it would be just darling as a sponge dish next to the kitchen sink or even as a trinket dish on your vanity table as well.  I have a porcelain claw-tub soap dish being used as a sponge dish in my kitchen, it's amazing how such a small item can transform and complete the feel of an area.  If you don't use bar soap try such a dish as a sponge dish, I think you'll be surprisingly satisfied.

The popping colors and the birds in flight in this Bright in Flight Lamp ($87.99 @ Mod Cloth) is uplifting- perfect for childrens' rooms or your quirky mod home decor.

For more Mod Cloth click here


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