Tea Time: Piecrust Mug

Anthropologie Piecrust Mug $12.00

Material:  Stoneware
Dimension:  3"h - 3.25"dia - 8 oz.
Dishwasher & microwave safe

Dispela Antiques

Now I know where to go if ever I need antique lighting.  I was drawn by the lamps and lighting in the window from the 70s and the chairs that lined the outside of the stores which also were from the 70's.  But when I went inside to take a look the amount of lighting hardware in the store clearly overshadowed a great deal, anything else that was being sold.  On the floor, downstairs and upstairs, were tables, cabinets and chairs and on those tables, cabinets and chairs were a sea of lamps and wall sconces.  The walls which you could barely make out were lined with wall mounted lights, electric candelabra lighting, and mini chandeliers.   On the ceiling which you could also barely make out were hanging with chandeliers large and small.  And needless to say, everything was an antique.

In the back of the store there was a section much resembled a cave with low hanging chandeliers

459 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3523
(323) 934-9939

Home Of: Michael Jackson

Birth name:  Michael Joseph Jackson
AKA:  Michael Joe Jackson
Year of birth:  1958
Place of birth:  Gary, Indiana
Occupation:  Musician, actor
Most famously known for his music

An aerial view of the Jackson estate


Wine cellar said to be under the pool

Home movie theater with chandlier, painted ceiling & dining table at far wall


Bathroom vanity area



Wallpaper is a fun way to go when being creative and going all-out on your interior decor.  It doesn't need to cover all walls in a room but can be used simply to create an accent wall,  good for those who wish to 'try it' first, afraid to commit or on a budget.  Below are a few pics to wet your appetite.

Digital Forest wallpaper

Digital Strawberry wallpaper

On my wallpaper quest I found a really great wallpaper and wall decor sight, Hygge & West, perhaps you have heard of them?  It is a small company but with great quality products, and has some of the most darling wall decor and wallpaper.  Hygge & West collaborates with various independent artists contributing to their selection of wal paper which is small but vary in style.  Take a look below.


Rabbit-tat-tat Wallpaper in yellow $165.00
Designed by Emily Marie Cox
Double roll measures 27" x 30' & vertical repeat is 18"

Animal Farm Wallpaper $115.00
Designed by Ferm Living
Each roll measures 21" x 32.8' with a 21" repeat


Mushroom Soup Wallpaper $126.50
Designed by Ferm Living
Each roll measures 21" x 32.8' with a 21" repeat


Monroe Wallpaper $126.50
Designed by Ferm Living
Each roll measures 21" x 32.8' witha 21" repeat


The Fir Tree Wallpaper in white $115.00
Each roll measures 21' x 32.8' with a 21" repeat

Dotty Wallpaper $115.00
Designed by Ferm Living
Each roll measures 21" x 32.8' with a 21" repeat

Click here for more Hygge & West products

16th Workshop Room Divider 2

16th Workshop specializing in hand-made wood furniture with craft-like quality made by a husband and wife team in Seattle produced today's weekly "Item Of Note" post,  the item: Room Divider 2.  Made from Walnut wood from saved logs in Oregon the Room Divider 2 can serve as a room divider as well as a stand alone along the wall.  It's most prized facet being the all-wood joinery.

To check out more of 16th Workshop products click here.

Luxury Yachts

As of late I've been thinking about vacationing, some time to get away... say, "a year"?  What better way to do it than sail around the world in a luxury yacht that could meet your every need, that is if you can afford it.  I've heard many a times from various persons that owning a yacht is quite expensive and is considered an un-needed expense and for a time I did agree with them and perhaps I still do, but after taking  a look at these pics I decided that un-needed or not who wouldn't want this?  Just look below.









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