Sectionals by Gus

For a long time now I've been wanting a sectional, I talk to myself constantly and every now and then I'll hear myself promising myself that on my next move I'll buy a place big enough to house a sectional in the living-room, it's a promise to myself I intend to keep.

I know I want a sectional and I know that I love comfy looking things, warming and welcoming is a must and I know I absolutely love the tufted look.  I recently saw a sectional made by Gus specializing in modern furnishings that had all these qualities, I think my eyes actually dilated when I happened upon it, see if yours do too.

Carter Sectional
Materials:  Fabric, stainless steel, wood
Dimensions:  110"w x 68"d x 31"h

Blake Loft Bi-Sectional
Materials:  Fabric, ash, wood
Dimensions:  84"w x 68"d x 31"h

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