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I Stand Behind: Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge

If cleaning was easy then we really wouldn't mind doing it but let's face it, no matter how lazy we are and how dirty our surroundings are day-to-day we all love to be living in a clean and tidy home. There are a few house chores I find rather easy and don't mind doing, such as loading the dish washer, doing laundry or even taking out the trash. But when it comes to cleaning sinks... let's just say I let it go... and go... and go, until it gets quite gross, I suppose deep down I'm hoping for my handy dandy husband to do it but of course he doesn't, and why should he? He already cleans the toilets (which I will never agree to do for as long as I live).

It seems that pregnancy has gotten me even lazier than I was before, I can't seem to stand the thought of scrubbing, soaping and bleaching the sink until it's all a shiny porcelain white like the first time we installed it. However, with the laziness came a really great idea, the idea to use Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge! I usually use the magic eraser sponge on walls, cabinets, doors and tiles where stains, dry drips of colored things and scuff marks are- and they do work awfully well on these, but I've never tried the magic eraser sponge to clean sinks before.  Of course, it worked... like... magic.

To use the sponge, simple wet and squeeze excess water out, then begin using on surfaces that need any removals of scuffs and food stains (or whatnot), you can pretty much use it on any surface (with the exception of probably raw wood). I've used it on doors, tile counter tops, walls, moldings, bassboards and cabinets.


It's quite embarrassing to show the state of my bathroom sink, yes, quite disgusting I know. I let the grime and dust really build-up around the sink fixtures and around the sink drain. I'd like to say I let it get this disgusting for the sake of this post... but honestly, I've just been really lazy.


It took a total of about 5 minutes to clean the bathroom sink, I tackeld the fixtures, the drain, the sink basin and around the sink top edges. I'm not sure how the magic eraser sponge works but it worked much faster and easier in swiping away all the caked grossness without much force- this is in comparison to my usual sink cleaning routine which usually consists of some hard scrubbing with the soft side of a regular sponge and soap, and I never tackle the fixtures with the regular sponge as I find it never clears away the water spots but the magic eraser sponge did. So clean. So easy. So fast!

You can find Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge at any supermarket but I find that it's a bit cheaper Home Depot and you can also find the pack of 4 there also (versus the smaller packs of 2 or 3 you find at the market). 

Jannis Ellenberger designs

I saw but one of Jannis Ellenberger's designs at A+R, it was a desk designed in the minimal style and it caught my interest... so much that I decided to look up what other innovative and intriguing designs Ellenberger was capable of. What I found were designs of furniture that was uplifting, fun, different, they were all minimal yet friendly and comforting- characteristics I definitely do not usually tie to minimal designed furnishings.  Intrigued? Look on.

The Sofabed

The Sofabed, one of my favorite Ellenberger designs.  Yes, we all know about and have probably slept on at one point or another a sofa bed, usually they simply pull out and are quite ugly. The Ellenberger sofabed is not only physically appealing to look at but was designed so that every part of the sofa has a dual function- I suppose this is what I love most about this design (it's almost like a two-for-one deal and who doesn't love those). The backrest swivels to the front to reveal not a only wider sofa seat/bed but the backrest also becomes a storage space, and if that wasn't good enough that backrest storage space also becomes a bedside table! Impressed, right, I sure was.

The Pendant Light

Not your usual pendant light- this shouldn't be surprising when talking about one of Ellenberger's designs. The pendant light is designed so that the user may adjust the dimness, brightness or mood of the lighting (however way you want to put it) by simply swiveling the hinged cover of the pendant light. Witty! I love it. Now only if they came in different colors... Jannis are you listening?

The Washstand

Not my most favorite since I generally don't find free-standing washstands appealing, but I had to give kudos to this free-standing Ellenberger washstand for it's physical appeal, the design is minimal yet fun and intriguing, just looking at it makes me want to use it! I find that the use of space is quite smart, there is the built in cup for holding toothbrushes located on the upper back counter, there also is the built in towel rack, not to mention the most intriguing, how the wash basin, upper back counter and towel rack is made from all one piece, all flowing from one to the other boasting beautiful fluidity.

Item of Note: A+R's Color Carpet Rugs & Bau Pendant Light

Two highly note-worthy items worth the double take from A+R are the Bau Pendant Light and the Color Carpet Rugs. Perfect for the home lacking color... or not, these two smart and modernly fashioned pieces will more than likely add a little pop of something you just so needed.

By Normann Copenhagen & Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt's

"with a nod to the Bauhaus movement, Danish designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt created this stunning pendant for Normann Copenhagen, combining primary colors and geometry in the manner of De Stijl and Piet Mondrian. The sculptural design is based on interlocking geometric circles, with the pattern broken by disc colors, sizes and off-center linkages. In fact, she softens the rigidness of the geometry with transgressive, imperfect and challenging combinations."  -A+R description

Measures 17"h x 23"w for the small / 20"h x 23"w for the large
Made of Basswood
Price $250.00

Hay & Scholten & Baijings'

"Routine patterns and graphics are revitalized in the most joyful of colorations. Tufted rugs that create optical transparency by using color gradients and using 100% New Zealand wool pile on 100% cotton backing. A spectacular collection of six carpet designs, each with its very own character."  -A+R description

Measures 67" x 94" (5'7" x 7'10")
Made of 100% New Zealand wool pile on 100% cotton backing

Home Of: Candace Bushnell

Name:  Candace Bushnell
AKA:  Candace Bushnell
Date of birth:  December 1, 1958
Place of birth:  Glastonbury, Connecticut
Occupation:  American author & columnist

Most famously known for "Sex and the City"

*Pictures from Elle Decor








Jonathan Adler EVENT!

For all you Jonathan Adler fans out there in the city of Los Angeles, now is your chance to meet the artistic genius (with Simon Doonan!).

I Stand Behind: The Digital Picture Frame

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of framed photos on my walls, it's kind of like how my kindle can never really tear me away from buying actual books, there's something about actual books and actual framed photographs that is much more authentic than it's newer counterpart. But just because my heart lies with the old ways of things doesn't mean I can't appreciate the new... for example, the digital photo frame. My husband and I bought a digital photo frame a few years ago from Brookstone's, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it then, obviously my husband was the one who infinitely more excited about it than I was, but after many years, many moves and many memories caught on camera I can to realize.... I LOVE the digital photo frame. Not only does the digital photo frame save money and paper, but now I don't have to pick and choose amongst all the beautiful photos I wish to share with my guest, the digital photo frame simply scrolls.

Buying a digital photo frame doesn't mean you have to shun the old-way you love so much of framing pictures, simply see the digital photo frame as an added bonus... all those pictures you wished you could frame and put up but had no room for or couldn't fit into your budget, well, you no longer have to hide them away- it really is a good thing.

We have a much older frame so the quality (resolution) of the picture isn't as high as some of the more current frames being sold, but I still love the frame, I actually think the resolution although lower gives it a more vintage photo look (well, that's one way to look at it, at least).

Depending on which digital frame and capacity you opt for determines how many photos the digital frame can hold to display.

My husband and I bought a Philips digital photo frame from Brookstone's, unfortunately they are hard to find now as they are pretty old, but here are a few different places you can look should you be interested...

Know This: Shaker-style cabinets

"The Shaker style is known for unadorned functionality and rooms that are arranged to feel clean and spacious."
-Per eHow

The Shaker-style cabinets are made from hardwoods, with recessed panels and no ornamentation on the front exuding a simple elegance. The Shaker-style features simplicity, utility and neatness with high-quality workmanship that exudes a modest look that is none-the-less charming. The emphasis of the Shaker-style is durability, this is one of the more important aspects of the style.

The floor plan of Shaker-style kitchen is ideally open and organized reflecting a style of simple living. Unnecessary appliances and decor is discouraged, once again this goes towards creating a clean and efficient kitchen. Any furniture should serve the purpose of the room without adding clutter. Plenty of storage space is important, as is having a place for each item.

Home Of: Ellen Pompeo

Name:  Ellen Kathleen Pompeo
AKA:  Ellen Pompeo
Date of birth:  November 10, 1969
Place of birth:  Everett, Massachusetts
Occupation:  Actress

Most famously known for her role as Meredith Gray in the American TV medical drama, Grey's Anatomy

*Pictures by Elle Decor











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