Using Green

I find the color green to be an eccentric color. A color that can be used for only a few rooms in the home, a color that must be well thought out in terms of interior planning when being used. I find that when using the color green things can go horribly wrong in one swift turn and because of this green is a rather hard color to stand firmly by. But for those who know what they're doing with their greens the overall look comes out astonishingly fresh and unique.

My hunt to find beautiful green-colored and/or hued rooms was not easy and in the end I found that the color green was best reserved for living-rooms and kitchens.


The room (Pictured above) plays off the eccentricity of the color green and so accessorizes the color with an eclectic mix of decor and furnishing.

Green-yellow can be refreshing and light and is made even more so (pictured above) with the abundance of natural light and spring colored furnishings.

The key-lime green below is also refreshing and light, however in this room (pictured below) the fresh and lightness of the key-lime green is taken down a few notches for a more earthy take by pairing it with darker olive greens. A smart play in different hued greens.

An olive green is used in the room (pictured above) to give color to a minimal modern home. The olive green adds color but the muted characteristic of the olive-hue does well to keep to the minimalism of the home.

A bright green is awakening, honest and full of happiness, paired with a large green-friendly yellow mural only makes it more-so. 

 And of course we can't forget the importance and the impact of using green hues via accent color. The largely neutral room accented with green allows the green to be the center of attention.


I found that the green utilized in the kitchen was much more fun than looking at any other green-hued rooms. The green kitchens exuded fun, excitement and adventure, which is exactly what cooking is, in this way green is the perfect color for the kitchen.

The light olive-hued cabinetry of the kitchen (pictured above) is accented by the yellow and white dinner and serving-ware. A homeliness and fun atmosphere is created with an overall chic-vibe lent by the carefully planned paring of the cabinets and all other yellow and white wares.

The true green (as pictured above) is hard to use in most rooms, but this kitchen has done well utilizing the true green with egg-shell colored walls and wood countertops.  

A more rustic use of green (as pictured above) uses olive green accented with woods trim and olive green tiles on the wall. The open shelving only adds to the rustic theme of the kitchen while the olive green, a largely toned-down green is the perfect green hue for a rustic kitchen, you can practically smell a bunch of sage lying around while a rabbit stew is cooking on the stove!

And for a rustic country theme add a lighter-toned green along with the olive green. Adding touches of distressed marks can only drive the theme home.

A more contemporary use of the color green is the green yellow-hue paired with dark wood floors and stainless silver appliances. 

Another example of using green in a contemporary kitchen (as seen below)? A kitchen accent wall compiled of green tiles, and to take that green to the next level? Add green accent colors throughout the kitchen.


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