The Closet

Every girl dreams of a nice big walk-in closet, and boys?... I'm sure they wouldn't mind one either even if it isn't the first on their list.  When it comes to storing clothes people rarely ever think outside the box, why this is I have no idea, maybe the idea of the "closet" has been strongly engraved into our culture.  Maybe if we were able to think outside the box of what a "closet" really is: simply a designated place of storage then we would be able to begin by thinking outside the square and into the circle.

For example... if you have ample space in your bedroom why not set aside 1/3 or even 1/2 the bedroom as closet space, using shelving or divider walls to create a closet space for yourself, and set aside your actual "closet" space as something else?  Take off the doors of the closet and let it be the wall for your bed- I'm sure you can think of creative things to do with the "closet" nook! - This is what I call thinking outside the box, making your space WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around.

And for inspiration, pictures of course!

Below are pictures of closet space that are actually part of the room itself.

This is a good idea for a shelving unit that also serves as a divider wall if planning
to use part of the room as closet space.

Below are GRAND closet spaces that are separate rooms in themselves, one can dream.

Below are normal large closet spaces we can hope to have one day ourselves.

Famous closets....

Kim Cattrall's closet

The hall closet of Sex And The City.

TIP:  One doesn't need a large closet to have a nicely organized closet space just remember: leave room between items and don't stack items on top of each other- this will greatly enhance the clean and organized look in your closet.  If you do need to stack, stack on the floor of your closet and if you can help it put them in boxes first (nice one's if you have them), and above all else... don't hang anything on the closet door, inside or out, mirrors may be forgivable depending on the quality of the mirror.

Spring is just around the corner may be a little closet clean up is in order?


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