Notable new Cake Stand at A+R

Jansen+Co's Cake Stand @ A+R

Fun, functional, contemporary cake plates that can high-light your dessert with its own pop of color.  These porcelain plate and stoneware pedestal are produced by 6 year old Dutch design house Jansen+Co., founded by Anouk Jansen and Harm Magis where the goal is to produce products that are fun and functional.  Fun you can see it is, functional?  Even more so.  With the separate pedestal and cake plate you can collect all or a couple and mix and match to your liking.

Home of: Aerin Lauder

Name:  Aerin Lauder
AKA:  Estee Lauder's grand-daughter
From:  New York
Date of birth:  Unknown

Specialty:  Cosmetic company heir

*Pictures from Vogue Home

Simplehuman's new touch-free Sensor Pump

Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump $34.99

When you cook you get your hands dirty, garlic juice sticky fingers, greasy meatloaf mixing hands, olive oil slippery fingers, you know this kitchen messy hands I speak of, and when I go to the sink to wash my hands I end up fiddling with my soap pump so that I'm not getting the soap pump all slimy and greasy - this too, I know you know what I speak of.  And now that it is all out in the open and we all know what I speak of, we can all together sigh in relief that Simplehuman has probably come out with the best touch-free sensor soap pump.  Not only is it touch-free but also features a no-drip valve which means no leakage and runnage!

Naturally the next step after purchasing this sensor soap pump would be to get a sensor sink faucet to go with it!  But we'll leave that for next time.  In the meantime a no hassle touch-free soap pump for $35.00 is a dream to have for any cook, amateur or pro.

Item of Note: Barranca Rug, Square by Anthropologie

Barranco Rug, Square

Corner tasseled rug square rug made of wool and cotton measuring 6' square.  
Now imagine how you can tie the room together with this one.

Home of: Giorgio Armani

Name:  Giorgio Armani
AKA:  Giorgio Armani
From:  Italy
Date of birth:  July 11, 1934

Specialty:  Fashion designer

*Pictures from Architectural Digest
in Switzerland

Living room with a view of the Alps

2nd view of the living room

3rd view of the living room, known as the winter garden

4th view of the living room

Formal dining area




Master bedroom

Desk in the master bedroom



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