San Francisco Charms With It's Structures

I was lucky enough to see the city during it's Gay Pride week, and the streets were full of colorful, fun-loving people!
Truly one of the aspects that makes San Francisco such a beautiful place to be

This past weekend I found myself visiting a good friend in the City Of Love, San Francisco.  I was lucky to have such spectacular weather during my visit there and am sure this helped on my over-all view of San Francisco.  To say the least, I was much charmed by this city full of beautiful buildings, architecture and people.

I will always consider Los Angeles my home and love it for that reason but I cannot tell a lie, San Francisco is by far infinite times more beautiful.  The building structures themselves whether they be houses or public buildings were beautiful with their detailed moldings and San Francisco style that exudes culture and history, all of which I felt very inspired by.  Same as the building structures the places visited: shops, streets and restaurants were all vibrant with it's own character and of course so were the people.  Towards the end of the trip I found my mind wandering to a dreamland where I kept envisioning myself living in this city.

I wanted to take the time to post some personal pictures of my visit to share what I saw with you during my visit.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

In the out-skirts of China Town, I'm always drawn to the tall buildings of the city and found
this view so interesting I needed to capture it.

Cutting across through a random alley in the out-skirts of China Town

China Town

A block of China Town, the line of stores topped with small apartments above with clothes hung out to dry was a very
common scene, so I decided to take a picture of it

Berkley campus, absolutely fascinating!  So far the most beautiful campus I've visited.

Berkley campus, clock tower

A random building along Geary.  Thought it was a great example of San Francisco buildings.

I was especially in love with the way the housing looked in San Francsico.  All in tight rows and built upwards rather than wide for obvious reasons.  Most of them looked to have1920's style architecture, whether this is actually true I'm uncertain.  I probably should have taken many more pictures of the housing but I suppose I was a bit preoccupied.  Here's what I do have though.

This is definitely a lot bigger than the average homes I saw, but I thought it so beautiful I took a picture of it.
I especially love the corner windows!

Here is another home that I saw, not sure if it contains multiple units or if it's just one big house but I was taken with the layout of the structure and found myself wishing there weren't so many large hedges covering the beautiful house.

There's a corner window!  It seems that homes in SF often have corner windows, I just love them!

The columns of the front door and the balcony above was most charming I thought.

New @ A+R: Space Bar USB-Port Desk Organizer & Floral light

As we progress into the future I'm noticing certain trends that lean towards a more minimalist life-style, things are becoming more condensed and simpler, perhaps it is the people's concerns over an eco-system that can barely sustain itself any longer due to the continual ravaging done to it by the human species- this leads to multiple concerns over an abundance of trash and waste, over usage of oil, electricity and such.  I do not doubt that these concerns are driving our way of life towards a more eco-friendly way, and that is a good thing.

When I speak of minimalism in the future the New Floral Light by David Trubridge is true to it in style.

David Trubridge's Floral Light $440
23.5"d / 31.5"d / 39.5"d / 63"d (size avail differ by color)

And when I speak of minimalism in the future I also speak of the actual condensing of things used such as A+R's new Space Bar USB-Port Desk Organizer by Quirky & Michael Cavada.  A USB-Port in the form of a stand for your screen and where you may also slide your wireless keyboard underneath, simple.

Quirky & Michael Cavada's Space Bar USB-Port Desk Organizer $80
24"l x 3"h x 8.5"w

For more new items at A+R please click here.

Taking a look at the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Pt.2

Gringott's Bank with goblins

Like many others I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so naturally when I saw that Architectural Digest had done an article filled with pictures on the set of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 (out in theaters July 15th, 2011) I had to share.  Please enjoy!

Pictures from Architectural Digest
Weasley's Shell Cottage

Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogwart's Village

Hogwarts Entrance Hall

Dumbledore's office

Gringott's Bank

Under Gringoott's Bank

Inside vault

New Carafe & Table @ DWR

I'm on the look out for a dining room table for a possible new dining area in a possible new home.  I already have an idea of what the floors will look like, black & white or red & white checkered.  With the checkered floor with these types of colors I imagine a simple, two-toned dining table.  I was thinking to have my fiancee custom make the table having resided to believing that such a table did not exist and then I was perusing through DWR last night and found this table!
Lancaster Dining Table $2,265

The different color options for the Lancaster table

Let me first begin by saying I have this thing, it's not quite a phobia but it's just as annoying as one.  The thing has to do with cups of water, cups of juice, cups of tea.. cups of any kind of liquid!  And the thing is that it can't be sitting out for too long, too long being more than 4-5 hours, if so I need to empty out the cup and refill it, because the thing is dust and particles settle into my cup.  So I have this thing and it annoyingly fill me with a feeling of guilt that I'm wasting perfectly good water.  I suspect that's why when I saw DWR's I'm Boo Carafe with it's enclosed top and rather small spout water hole I was so very excited and felt that the carafe was made for someone just like me!
I'm Boo Carafe $85

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Lucas Studio Inc. - Pictures of it's work at Big Sky, MT

When it comes to interior decor much of my time is spent looking at other designers ideas and works, I find that it's a good way to learn, a good way to get new ideas, a good way to keep an open mind.  Recently I came across Lucas Studio Inc and his interior decor work on a house at Big Sky, MT.  I found his decor ideas and arrangements interesting, there were things that I didn't like and many things that I DID like, just wanted to share some thought with you and share some beautiful pictures as well.

The wooden bench near the entryway is something that I agree with for use and
believe that it always gives a bit of charm when placed near stairs & entryway.

I love the windows, I'm big on windows.  Also wanted to mention the green lamp
which I think is just beautiful in that rustic kind of way

The blue color of the couch with it's velvet like texture caught my eyes, it exudes
a comfy country-home feel without losing a statement making look

The fireplace with it's built in wood holder is great!  I have a few friends who use
their fireplaces regularly and wood can be quite dirty and dusty- this separate section
for wood would be very helpful to anyone who lives in an area with four seasons

The horse picture is absolutely beautiful and gives the room a fun & interesting edge

Here's yet again another horse picture!

Just wanted to point out the wild flowers and the indian design

I've been noticing a lot of use of antlers, particularly for lighting. 
Here again is an antler, this time in the restroom.

For more Lucas Studio Inc please click here.

16th Workshop Wall Shelves

The 16th Workshop Mandir shelf is truly an interesting design with it's wood screen back designed to be removable.  The Mandir shelf is what caught my eye today to do a post on 16th Workshop wall shelves.  Interestingly enough the Mandir was originally made to be used as a Hindu shrine, naturally, as with all other 16th Workshop wall shelves the Mandir can be used for other purposes.  When I saw first the picture of the Mandir what first came to mind was wall mounted shelves next to the bed which would transform the shelves into wall mounted bedside table- the thought makes me drool.  I currently am obsessed with the idea of creating a home atmosphere that is earthy, down-to-earth, comfy & homey yet modern, simple and clean... And 16th Workshop delivers furnishings for exactly this type of interior atmosphere.

Mandir $900/ $1150 with back screen
2'7"w x 1'.25"d x 1'11"t

The Wall Mount Shelf 1 is another shelf that caught my eyes, simple and unique with it's single drawer and it's long width.  Naturally the shelf could be mounted anywhere you wish but I personally think that they got it right pictured below, on the side of the staircase.  Many of the times I find that people place tables here to throw their mail, keys and perhaps have a vase full of beautiful flowers,  all of which I think are very practical needs, but there is one thing that the Wall Mount Shelf 1 has over the table for this particular area of the house: no legs to take up floor space!

Wall Mount Shelf1 $900
6'3"w x 10.5"d

There are some furniture pieces that one looks at and just falls in love with, these are the pieces that say something to you, these are the pieces that are "completely you" in style and essence.  When I saw the Wall Mount Shelf 2 on the 16th Workshop site, this is how I felt... I fell in love.  The fact that the Wall Mount Shelf 2 could be used for a number of things is one quality that I absolutely love about it.  Set it up as in the picture below, as a low shelf, or set it up above a desk to sort your books out, set in the entry way and all you would need is a couple of wall hooks to hang coats underneath.  I love it!  Now if only I could find a way to get my hands on it!

Wall Mount Shelf 2 $1250
8'w x 1'1.25"t x 1'd

For more 16th Workshop please click here


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