Crosley Tech Turntable

Loving and having a fascination for all things vintage I unsurprisingly stopped and stared at this Tech Turntable by Crosley.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's so wonderful to see something old merge with the new to create something so... well, "user friendly" I suppose is the word I'm looking for.

The Tech Turntable is not only for listening to your vinyl records but also allows you to record your records as MP3s onto a USB drive!  And!  That's not even the last of it, the Tech Turntable features an AM/FM stereo and playback for your pre-recorded MP3s as well as comes PAR ready to succumb your every needs even if it means allowing you to plug in it's evil more modern-tech brother THE IPOD.

*sigh... isn't it just wonderful?  I think so.  It's THE perfect vinyl record player.

Crosley Tech Turntable
Materials:  Wood style casing, mirror front face-plate, streamline dials
Components:  3 Speed turntable, USB/SD Card reader & encoding, portable audio ready, AM/FM radio, stereo speaker, remote control
Price:  $129.95
Check below for lower price on Amazon


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