The Colorful Kitchen

I think that for many people incorporating bright colorful tones into one's decor is hard, we have gotten used to the earth tones, the modern black and whites and what not.  In the back of our minds perhaps we feel that using bright colorful tones is a risky business, that incorporating bright colorful tones is much harder than matching earth tones of wood and more wood and so have been careful to stay away from color, and if we do find courage to use color in our decor it's in the form of a framed picture, a vase full of bright flowers, an area rug, a throw pillow or two.  But never in an all encompassing form where color itself is the high-light of a room.

Should you be a person that have carefully stayed away from risk but feel the courage and want to do more with bright colors perhaps it may be a great idea to start in the kitchen.  Kitchen, a place where one creates for the delights of the palate, I really cannot find a better room to try something new and creative and out of the ordinary.  I have gathered a few pictures to give you an idea of all the things that you can do with... color.

A safe way to use a load of color without much risk of really screwing things up is using simply one color.  

Using simply one bright color will lend itself to a more modern look.

Please note below, the kitchen floor is also painted blue.

Take into consideration the color and material of the floor.

What will make your kitchen pop and really feel fun?  Play around with the wall tiles.

When planning color for your kitchen take into consideration the cabinets and drawers, below is a picture of a kitchen painted a light sky blue which goes wonderfully with the off-white cabinets lending a charming homely look to the overall appearance.

Then there's the use of uncommon, deep, saturated colors.

Try color-blocking for a more retro appearance.

Even small kitchens can have their fun.  With smaller kitchens or even kitchenettes stick with a one color scheme for the walls, having more than one color on the walls for smaller kitchen will make the area look smaller.  If this disappoints you, don't be, you can always play around with the cabinets and floor!


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