Clean simple with your own home-made solution

Clean simple with:  Bleach & Water solution

Fill a spray bottle with half bleach and half water, add more bleach if you'd like.  Remember to label the bottle.

Spray your tub, your grout, your white tiles and your sink to get it to whiten and/or (my favorite way to use) to get mildew that is black or red to whiten resulting in clean and re-whitened areas!

There are limits to the Bleach & Water solution however, let's just remember that it can't perform magic.  If your mildew is out of control and is blacker than black you'll find that you'll have to spray multiple times to whiten that mildew.  If you've been spraying all day and can't seem to get that mildew around your sink edges to whiten as much as you'd like it might be best to start thinking about stripping and re-caulking those areas.

My all-time favorite way to use bleach & water solution is on shower curtains.  After some use your shower curtain can start to mildew, after a shower simple spray down the shower curtain on the areas that are needed, wah-la!  You'll have mildew free shower curtains in no time!

Clean simple with:  Vinegar & Water solution

Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water, add more vinegar if you'd like.  Remember to label the bottle.

Vinegar charms me with its abilities to make metal shine and to remove rust, yes rust!  To remove rust soak a paper-towel in vinegar and wrap or lay on-top of area that is rusted, leave for a couple hours or even over night, douse the paper-towel again with more vinegar if need be or if it'll give you a peace-of-mind.  With a slight scrub your rust should fall right off!

I always keep a spray bottle of vinegar & water solution handy to wipe grimy and gross areas, it works wonders to get crud off the top of the stove as well!  Sure it doesn't smell all that pleasant but I find that it works better than most cleaning agents and is chemical free, another big plus in my opinion.

Hallways standing their own ground

Hallways, also known as passages and corridors where one or more individuals may pass through to get from point A to point B.

I suppose it can be the fact that the hallway is not a room itself that allows it to be, for the majority of the time, over-looked.  Even so, there are many ways to decorate your hallways, passages and corridors so that it may shine on its own and as a result boost its confidence as well as your home's.

Let the eye be lead with frames

Dual usage:  A hallway library

Giving the classic-look a boost with an exaggerated feature

Lining it with useful but statement-making storage

Thinking outside the box


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