Item of Note: Swallow Wall Clock

How cool is this Swallow Wall Clock from A+R by designer Griffin Yang of Haoshi Design. A Dozen flying swallows in the midst of different movement in flight makes up the the numbers of the clock. The concept and the detail in the design is absolutely unique, lovely and peaceful.

23.6"h x 23.6"w x 4.7"d
Handmade resin-cast swallows

The earthy home via the use of wood

Under the rules of Feng Shui I am an earth sign which means that I get a lot of pleasure from using wood inside my home, and it just so happens that I am drawn to wood. But in all honesty, you don't have to be an earth sign to appreciate using wood in your home and I've got the pictures to prove it!

Below are a few pictures of homes that have incorporated wood into their home. It's beautiful, earthy and yet striking.

I find the mixture of using raw wood for walls and contemporary furniture rather appealing, a rather pleasant balance of rustic earthiness and current times is met perfectly in this way.

Hello color! Orange and green to pair with wood? There are no better colors to keep wood looking fresh, fun... and funky!

The wooden storage boxes along the wall storing wood amongst other things is a smart way to make wood useful as well as make it a key feature of a room.

Sometimes it is the simple things that get the most attention. Wood is incorporated into the design (pictured above) by way of the floating wooden staircase, the simple wood trim around the doors, and of course there is the oversized wooden coffee table. In this case, less is more.

And a few examples where less isn't more.

Two favorite looks of bathrooms that use wood as a main source of mood. The bamboo wood in the above bathroom is serene and zen, while the choice of wood wall int he below bathroom leans towards being more rustically chic.

I Stand Behind: Allen Jeffries Framing

I'm a framer or to better put it, I'm an individual who appreciates what a frame can do for a common print or poster, which is in my opinion, transforming. For example, The Velvet Underground & Nico yellow banana by Andy Warhol is a poster I purchased at Amoeba Music for under $20. A common $20 print is currently the important piece of artwork that hangs between my living room, entryway and family room, this being the case I had to get it framed nicely- presentation is everything. Presentation can turn a $20 poster into a notable center piece!

After searching and researching frame shops in Los Angeles I decided to hit up Allen Jeffries Framing (in Los Angeles, located on 3rd street) after having been estimated an "over-my-budget" cost for custom framing at Aaron Brother's I decided that Allen Jeffries might at least be worth the stop. The store is small and the people who work there are amiable and know what they're talking about, this already put me at great ease. The back of the store is buzzing with professional framers measuring, cutting and of course, framing. The professionalism of it all was a little intimidating but that feeling went away as soon as I sat down with one of the employees to discuss my framing project, my print, my vision and eventually the price point I was trying obtain.

The help was quick to sugget a number of things from dry-mounting, to floating, to matting but was never pushy- a quality I always appreciate. And with the serious number of frames available the right cost was something very obtainable. While Aaron Brother's had quoted me a custom frame that was almost $200 I was able to get my print dry-mounted and framed for under $100! When I picked up my order a couple days later the frame was nicely wrapped up and not a scratch on it, it looked impeccable. For the price and the quality of service I couldn't have asked for more, Allen Jeffries definitely made a long standing customer out of me.

Home Of: Nathaniel Goldberg

Nathaniel Goldberg
A.K.A:  Nathaniel Goldberg

Date of birth:  Unknown
Place of birth:  Paris
Occupation:  Fashion Photographer

Most famously known for his fashion photographs

*Pictures from Elle Decor
View of front of property

Living room

Fireplace in Living room



Dining room



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