Jonathon Adler Nixon Tables

Nixon Cocktail table in White

Jonathon Adler's new mid-century designed Nixon Tables includes, cocktail table, dining table and side tables.  The round base perforated metal is in the signature Nixon pattern and table tops also come in a variety of colors.  The Nixon tables are perfect accent pieces for minimal interior decor.

Nixon Cocktail table in Walnut $1,750.00

Nixon side-table $850.00
Comes in colors: White, blue, orange, gray

India Block Printing

Back when I lived in Santa Barbara, I would walk down State Street lined with their posh restaurants and variety of stores and in a vacant lot between Pierre LaFonde and a Scientology building is a spread of all things India:  pillows, cloth, blankets, skirts, bags, trinket holders, incense and such.  I would always stop by and take a look around, such beautiful things were laid out on tables out in the open.  The cloths have printed on them the beautiful traditional Indian prints, which I've never known until today how it was done.

I assumed that the Indian print designs were done by machine like most everything else today and maybe some are today, but I found that genuine Indian goods go through  a way more intricate process done by hand called Indian Block Printing, a piece of wood is chipped away at to create the design wanted in order to use as a stamp for the designs that are printed onto the cloth.  After watching the below video of Indian Block Printing I feel a new sense of awe and have a greater appreciation for all things Indian.

Enjoy watching the process of India print blocking.

Decorative Planters That Can Only Add To Your Wanted Ambiance

Between finance and all the other things that I want for my home getting a worth-while planter is forever being pushed to the side.  I think it's about time I appreciate what a great-looking planter can do for the home, add to the ambiance of your home.  With the right purchase you can get a beautiful planter that will add color and character to your window sill, fire mantle, outdoor patio or floor.

Spiraled Citrine Planter $48.00
Material:  Terracotta
Dimension:  12.5"h x 8.5"diam
Description:  Handwash, lemon-lime glaze coated tripod pot, with lid.

Giraffe Medallion Pot $32.00
Material:  Earthenware
Dimension:  15"h x 10.25l x 5.5"w
Description:  Handwash

Tea Time: A+R 6 Piece Set

Vista Allegre's Fun Cafe Espresso 6 Piece Set $148.00
Material:  Glass & porcelain
Dimension:  Cup 2.75"h x 1.75"dia / Saucer 3.75"dia
Description:  East set presented as shown above.

View of the saucers from a distance

Rounded cup bottoms that enable it to sit in saucer perfectly

View of the saucer from above

View of the saucer from below

Items Of Note From Bobby Berk Home: Wall Clock, Room Divider & Wallpaper

Decoylab, Modern Animal Owl Clock $78.00
Material:  Bamboo, natural oil finish
Dimension:  8" x 10", 1/4" thickness
Description:  The Modern Animal Owl Clock makes no ticking sound, requires the use of AA batteries.

Temahome, Nara Room Divider $1,914.00
Dimension:  48"h x 69"w x 16"d
Description:  Also available in color, Chocolate

Amy Butler, Fountain Wallpaper $85.00/1 double roll
Material:  FSC Paper
Measurement:  20.5w x 11 yards
For swatches look below at Amazon

From MASHstudios PCHseries

"The PCHseries was named for California's adored Pacific Coast Highway that runs seaside along the state encompassing the country's most beautiful coastlines.  Like the road's gorgeous scenery, the PCHseries is simultaneously sophisticated and relaxed.  Made from subdued tones of solid teak and fitted with cast aluminum accents resembling perfectly rugged wood, the PCHseries offers a whimsical sense of refinement.  Essentials of the collection include low, wide pieces supported by barely-there aluminum blades that bestow a light, floating effect despite the furniture's generous size.  The collection boasts just the right combination of bulk and minimalism.  Moreover, the PCHseries is meticulously crafted with natural, lacquer-free and FSC certified materials as well as aesthetic meant to transcend the test of time." - MASHstudios

It is as MASHstudios had simply put in their statement for their PCHseries, the bulky and solid well balanced with a minimalism that caught my attention.

West Elm Greek Key Duvet + Sham, Fish Platter And Seagrass Basket

I was looking for new items as I do very often out of habit and came upon a couple of things from West Elm that I thought worth mentioning.

I am always up for buying duvet covers, sheets and shams being in the belief that these items can make a huge difference in the way one's bedroom looks and so ultimately contributing to how one's bedroom feels.  It is sad how rarely I do buy these things though, good one's are hard to find.  The Greek Key duvet cover + sham is a vibrant blue with a simple yet interesting pattern giving it a versatile look, it can go modern or contemporary.

Greek Key Duvet Cover + Sham $24.00 - $119.00
Material:  100% Cotton sateen / 220 thread count
Measurement:  Duvet cover twin 86"l x 68"w, full/queen 88"l x 92"w, king 92"l x 108"w / Sham standard 20"l x 26"w, euro 26"sq
Description:  Duvet cover has button closure

As of late I have been eating a lot of grilled mackerel, very tasty.  However, since I'm not accustomed to cooking whole fish at home I find myself lacking proper dishes to serve whole fish on, I've sadly been making do with regular plates which is neither fun nor attractive.  You can only imagine how happy I was to find actual fish platters at West Elm, I did not even know they existed!

Fish Platters $16.00 - $24.00
Material:  Porcelain
Dimension:  Sm 5"l x 11"w / Lg 7"l x 14"w
Description:  Microwave & dishwasher safe

I have a thing for anything seagrass!  Especially if that anything happens to be seagrass baskets!  I suppose they make a kind of rustic statement that catch my eyes.  Good for laundry but also good for wood, papers, throw pillows and blankets.  Who would have thought that storing out in the open could be so charming and lend such a homey feeling.

Striped Baskets $39.00 - 49.00
Material:  Seagrass
Dimension:  Lg 14"dia x 17.5'h / Short 16"dia x 11"h
Description:  Wipe clean, handles on sides

The Velvet Underground... Now It Just Needs A Frame

A couple weeks ago I purchased 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' poster, the infamous banana by Andy Warhol.  Truthfully, I don't even like bananas, as a fruit I mean, the poster is something though.... Just a big yellow banana. 

Sadly, it sits rolled up near my faux fireplace.  I have yet to find a proper frame for it and though I would love to put it in a thick oak wood frame I'm fighting myself against this idea.  I have a Bjork poster and it too is in a thick oak wood frame, I suppose I'm a lover of this type of frame but imagining my apartment full of oak wood frames seems a little silly, doesn't it?  I figure I'd try to branch out into something different for this one, perhaps a black frame?  Or maybe silver would be best?

Home Of: Meg Ryan

Birth name:  Margaret Mary Emily Hyra
AKA:  Meg Ryan
Date of birth:  November 19, 1961
Place of birth:  Connecticut, US
Occupation:  Actress
Most famously known for being America's Sweetheart

Item Of Note: Magisso's Cake Cutter + Server & Muir Wooden Dog Bowl

Amenity, Muir Reclaimed Wooden Elevated Dog Bowls $107 - $127.00
Material:  Reclaimed wood from Douglas Fir, Low VOC finish, non-toxic stains, natural rubber seal, stainless steel bowl
Dimension: 13.25"w x 6.75"d x 4.5"h $107 / 20"w x 10"d x 7"h $117 / 20"w x 10"d x 9"h $127
Description:  Available in colors, Natural and Walnut, ready assembled with natural rubber ring, seals & 2 stainless steel bowls.

A+R, Magisso's Cake Cutter + Server $49.50
Material:  Stainless steel
Dimension:  10"l x 1.75"h x 1.5"w
Description:  Cut and serve in one step.  Slice then squeeze the handle just a bit to tighten it's grasp and serve!

Attics Transformed Into Livable Spaces

If you are starting off with an attic space like this to transform consider yourself very lucky!  This could easily be set up as a
studio or apartment to let.

I have yet to live in a home with attic space, but if I ever have a choice of whether to have an attic or not I'd immediately pick "YES!"  The idea of being able to transform an attic space into another kind of livable space would be too exciting to pass up!  My previous notions of attic space being places for storing piles of boxes that will ultimately becomes covered in inches of dust is long gone after having seen this pics.  Enjoy!

Attic space transformed into a playroom for the kids

The eldest gets dibs right?

Transformed into a contemporary bedroom

Transformed into a retro apartment

A den for the man in the attic

The little alcove in the attic was perfect for bed space

Transformed into a contemporary office space

This attic space even has it's own bathroom


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