Item of Note: An oval ottoman/table for an affordable price!

An ottoman/table was something I always imagined having, I had seen it used in so many beautiful ways, as a living-room table even as a center sitting piece in a walk-in closet! It had eventually become a piece of furnishing that I always wished I had but never could afford. Cost Plus World Market now has an ottoman/table that is more than affordable, $99.99 (on sale from $199.99)!

Not only can the Mulberry Lucille Oval Ottoman be used as an ottoman or for sitting but also for storage! Now that is one versatile furnishing.

Cost Plus World Market sale items tend to go pretty fast so if you're in the least bit interested get in on it fast! Click here for more details on the Mulberry Lucille Oval Ottoman @Cost Plus World Market. Save yourself an empty-handed trip and remember to call your local World Market first to see if they have it in stock.

Home Of: Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel

Date of Birth:  1954
Place of Birth:  New York City
Occupation:  Photographer

Most famously known for his works in fashion photography

*Pictures via Architectural Digest
 View of the exterior





 Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Read the full article on AD by Mayer Rus:

Cozy Dining-Rooms

You may opt for a formal dining-room, but if you're anything like me you will probably feel most comfortable in a not-so-formal one. Formal dining-rooms are very beautiful but the pressure to sit-up straight as a stick, to not have a finger or elbow out of place and to eat with formal dining etiquette (this fork for this, that fork for that) can be a bit much for my digestion. My idea of a dinner party is, close friends, dim lights, a quiet chatter or even, dare I say, gossip. Reaching over the table for hot bread buns, a shared dish of butter... this is what I see for a dinner party in my home. And for a dinner party like this, or for any dinner like this for that matter, one will need a comfortable, cozy and friendly atmosphere.


FIREPLACE... Add warmth, now that's cozy

Maybe it is because we envision winter time when we see a fireplace that make us feel so comforted; sitting around a fire during a storm reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate while we wear our most warm and comfortable.

DINING-ROOM FURNITURE... That isn't exactly dining-room material can be cozy

A large dresser drawer there and a table lamp here, all on a beautiful arabian rug can exude an atmosphere that makes diners feel that it is okay to 'let go'. "Forget formal dining etiquette" it might say.

THE LOVE SEAT... Cozy for two, cozy for all

Adding other non-traditional seating, such as a love seat is probably one of the most simplest ways to transform your dining area into a cozy one.

THE FRIENDLY CHALKBOARD... a casualness that comforts by saying "you'll be okay here"

Perhaps it is reminiscent of our childhood that makes chalkboards so friendly and warm, remember your 2nd grade classroom? The room with its colorful tightly knit carpet, games and toys off in one corner, colorful 2nd grades drawings all over the wall, and in the corner a little alcove where one had cubbies and hooks to put their belongings... and of course at center, the chalkboard.


The bench seating that goes around the table reminds us of alcove dining areas that are dimly lit and comfortable with its cushions and throw pillows. Cozy.

AMBIENCE... It's just cozy

Keeping it casual is the best way to keep it inviting, thus, cozy.

I Stand Behind: Ikea's Dragor rug

When I first purchased the 6'7" x 9'10" reversible Dragor rug at Ikea for $79.99 I really was just excited about the great deal for the large area rug. I did not expect it to last even 2 years, I honestly expected it to simply unravel with every step I took on it, but I was wrong, because here I am 3 years and some months later with the same looking Dragor rug- there is no unraveling, no thread out of place, no stain seen, it has survived one move and and a rather enthusiastic and playful poodle-terrier... and it is still the same Dragor rug I bought 3 years and some months ago.

I have come to love and appreciate the Dragor rug so much in fact, that I went and bought a second to place near the fireplace.

At $79.99 the rug is not only the most affordable in its size, but it also comes in three different sizes: 4'7" x 6'7", 5'7" x 7'10" and 6'7" x 9'10" and is also reversible giving you two different color-blocks to choose from, brown border and a beige center or beige border and a brown center. The flat-woven rug surface makes this area rug ideal for 1. Layering (as shown in the picture below near the fireplace) or 2. As a rug for the dining area where chairs will be pulled in and out continuously (as shown in the dining area picture above). And while some may say that the rug is a bit bland and boring, I say that the rug is perfectly neutral which means it is great for setting anywhere and easier to decorate around.


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