Coat Racks

Maybe it's just sheer laziness but often I'll come home and drape my jacket, sweater or cardigan on the nearest chair, I mutter to myself "if only I had a coat rack".  I'm not entirely sure if a coat rack is the answer to my lazy troubles but I have a good idea that it just might be, granted it's a coat rack I can get excited about using.

Standing Coat Racks:

Misewell Stretch Coat Rack
By: Misewell, Vincent & Paul Georgeson
Materials:  American Walnut
Dimensions:  69"t x 1"w 2 x 19"w
Base Price: $1,180 @ A+R Store
$1,122.00 via Amazon

Sven Coat Tree
Materials:  Solid birch with walnut veneer
Components:  Nickel plated iron pegs
Dimensions:  28.25"dia x 71.5"h
Price: $149 @ CB2

Finial Coat Rack
Materials:  Hand-turned pine wood, wrought-iron hooks, distressed paint
Components:  6 large hooks on two tiers
Dimensions:  23"dia x 72"h
Price:  $199.00 @ Pottery Barn

Wall coat-racks:

Jig Silver Coat Rack
Materials:  Stainless steel with brushed silver finish
Components:  six round sliding knows on two levels
Dimensions:  30"w x 3"d x 5.25"h
Price:  $69.95 @ Crate & Barrel

Cast Iron Row Of Hooks
Materials:  Cast iron panel with bronze finish
Components:  six over-sized hooks, sides are flat to allow multiples in a row, mounting hardware
Dimensions:  32"w x 5"d x 10"h
Price:  $99.00 @ Pottery Barn

tini. This Is Not Ikea

On 515 S. Fairfax Ave a busy street in Los Angeles with much traffic, with my car in the traffic, I had as of late seen an enticing store.  In large red rounded block letters above the doorway it reads "tini.".  My affair with vintage items  leads my eye to the store every single time, at the front of the store laid out in a row are retro looking seats, boxes of old pictures, lamps, large funny signs, a myriad of distinct and unique general decor all vintage-e, all whispering for me to come take a look inside.  It wasn't until  today I stepped in with the utmost excitement.  Inside, at the top of the doorway a sign reads "This Is Not Ikea", it certainly is not, one could see that right away.  

A maze of of various items stacked on top of each other: furnishings, kitchenware, an old LP player, clocks, retro chairs, rustic looking tables, old faded magazines, mirrors, a lava lamp, old radios, old fans, large signs!  Manikins?!  Traffic lights?!  A bust?!  An interior designer's dream and a set designer's heaven no doubt.

When I arrived home and looked up their website the 'about' page described their items as "retro, modern, vintage... unique.  Pieces that all spoke to them was how all the items were chosen"  needless to say, they spoke to me too.

515 S. Fairfax Ave
LA CA 90036

Home Of: Sting

Birth name:  Gordon Matthew Sumner
AKA: Sting
Year of birth:  October 2, 1951
Place of birth:  Wallsend, England
Occupation:  Musician, actor

The Treehouse That Your Dad Didn't Build For You

My fascination for the tree house may have stemmed from the fact that like many other children I grew up with NO tree house, though I'm sure all the children who have grown up with a tree house have a fascination towards the tree house because they had grown up with one.  There's just no escaping it!  The tree house is cool.  On my little pictorial web research for the most fantastic tree homes around the world this is what I found, by the end of this post you're going to want to build an actual tree house for yourself, I'm sure of it!

A humble abode:

On the main street:

Building it up:

A tree HOUSE:

Modernizing it:

Here Kitty Kitty, A New Age Litter Box

I'm a dog person but my significant other is a cat person, I suspect one day we'll have a cat.  My good friends have three cats!  Three cats one big litter box, I'm not entirely sure whether the A+R Modkat Litter Box can handle three cats but it can definitely handle one maybe even two, and beautifully too.  A neat clean-looking contraption that can save space and give your cat the privacy he or she needs when doing the doo, and jazzed up with all kinds of stress-relieving litter box attributes.

View from the sides, bottom and top
The perforated lid is for trailing granules that can easily fall back inside the box.
With a non-skid bottom for wood & tiled floors.

Push to flip the lip

The lid swivels for easy scooping access

Inside a bag contains the litter for easy clean-up

By:  ModProducts
Dimensions:  15"t x 16"d x 16"w (box has been tested for cat comfort)
Materials:  Tarpaulin liner (commercial strength), plastic
Components:  Perforated top lid, Tarpaulin liner, ergonomic scoop/brush
* Comes in a variety of colors.
Base price:  $188.00 @ A+R Store
Amazon price :  $169 (see below)


The Webster dictionary defines "Retro" as:  relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past:  fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned.

Synonyms:  antique, oldfangled, old-shcool, old-time, old-world, old-fashioned, retrograde, vintage

Antonyms:  contemporary, current, hot, mod, modern, new age, newfangled, new-fashioned, present-day, red-hot, space-age, state-of-the-art, up-to-date.

Origin of "Retro": French, retro, short for retrospective- First known use in 1974.






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