Home Of: Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

Birth name:  Sharon Rachel Levy / John Michael Osbourne
AKA:  Sharon Osbourne / Ozzy Osbourne
Year of birth:  October 9, 1952 / December 3, 1948
Place of birth:  South London, England / Birmingham, England
Occupation:  Media personality, author, music manager / Musician
Most famously known for being Ozzy's music manager / His music

The foyer

Central Atrium

Living room

A different view of the living room

Formal dining room

On the formal dining room mantle


Breakfast table

Stairway to Ozzy's home studio

Sharon's office desk @ home

Sitting room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom chaise

Master bathroom


Jonathan Adler New Meurice Chandelier

Meurice rectangle chandelier $1,350 @ Jonathan Adler
38"w x 14"d x 17"h / 25.25"-55.25" drop

What's new at Jonathan Adler worth talking about?  
The Meurice Chandelier.
Perfect for the retro modern chic.
How can something be retro modern?
Ask Meurice.

Meurice 5-arm wall sconce $250 @ Jonathan Adler
7.75"w x 12"h x 5.5"d

Make it all good with...

Greek key wallpaper $250/jumbo @ Jonathan Adler

Amazing Interior Work On The Vegas Strip

@ a restaurant called 9, a noodle bar.  The entrance was an aisle made of goldfish tanks.

A couple months ago I went to Las Vegas, before then I hadn't been to Las Vegas in roughly 5 years and the changes that I saw were amazing but unsurprising.  I enjoyed my stay at the Ceasar's Palace, the jacuzzi tub in my bathroom, the pool, the food, even the Roulette table but most of all I enjoyed walking through the newer casinos such as Aria and Cosmopolitan, the decor and structures were eye-candy and so very good entertainment.  Please enjoy these handful of photos that I thought were worth sharing.

Still @ 9 noodle bar.  The walls were made of white stencil against a gray stenciled wall creating an effect of depth
which was absolutely amazing! You couldn't even tell where the corners were.

At 9 once again, back in the kitchen there were 2 long shelves of jarred beans.

In a mall connected to one of the hotels, maybe it was the Cosmopolitan Hotel, there was this wooden structure that was
actually a restaurant inside.

Take a closer look at the diners.

At a hotel entrance there are rectangular columns with pictures of the inside of plants.

For each image on these columns there is also a description next to them.

Iittala: Let's Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Korento Coffee/Tea cup
Designed by Klaus Haapaniemi & Heikki Orvola

If ever dinnerware could be considered art Iittala would win.  There is use of dark saturated colors,  images of dragon-flies, spooky looking flowers, plates rimmed with trees with bowed limbs, and patterns within images and pictures- these plates, cups and saucers are an eyeful.

The Korento collection is described on Iittala's official site, "Designer Klaus Haapaniemi's new design Korento captures the intensity of the short but sweet northern summer. Korento refers to dragonflies, and the way Haapaniemi portrays them with a powerful flower pattern highlights the buzz of a hot summer day."

Korento Plate
Designed by Kalus Happaneimi & Heikki Orvola

Iittala describes the Taika collection on it's official site, "Taika means ‘magic’ in Finnish, and Klaus Haapaniemi wants his illustrations to inspire your own imagination and storytelling. Combined with other essential design objects of the Iittala collection, Taika gives a magic touch to everyday life."

Taika Plate
Designed by Klaus Haapaneimi & Heikki Orvola

Taika Plate
Designed by Klaus Haapaneimi & Heikki Orvola

For more Iittala dinnerware please click here.

Jeffrey Delvy's Design & Decorations

Living room

As you can see from the pictures posted that Jeffrey Delvy has a knack for designing and decorating, hence Jeffrey Delvy Design & Decoration which he founded in 2007.  A fantastic interior designer with experience as an architect which included renovations, Delvy is probably one of the most well-rounded individuals when it comes to designing and decorating.

For information on Jeffrey Delvy just click. 

Newly installed closet wall

Moldings and a closer look at the detail

Den/game room


Family room


Bath room

Bath room

Ultimate Baby Furniture @ NurseryWorks

My biological clock is TICKING!  Everytime I see a baby I just become... well, quite honestly, a human puddle, quite literally a human puddle, I coo and aww at them... like an idiot.  I can't help it!  But, that's all besides the point, kind of.  

For all you baby-makers out there Nurseryworks is the place to go for TODAY's baby furnishings.  I've never seen such awesome baby furnishings, I didn't even know that those two words, "awesome" and "baby furnishings" could go together.

Hollis crib $3500
Non-toxic & recyclable lucite by Charles Hollis Jones
Fixed side rail
52.76"H x 27.96"W x 35.04"D

Uptown Crib $750
Inspired by 15th Century British Furniture
Fixed side rail, over-scaled brass hardware & under-drawers
42"H x 30"W x 57"D

Studio Crib $2100
4 pieces of furniture in 1
Includes hideaway cabinet, changing table and tray for extra storage
Fixed side rail
42.25"H x 65"W (76"W with changing table/desk open)x 30.25"D

Loom Changing Table $699
Includes sliding storage tray, 2-door cabinet and storage for diaper, creams etc.
Maximum weight hold 30lbs
44.25" x 18" x 35.5"

Empire Rocker $800 - $1300
Available in colors: microsuede ecru, mocha, slate / with legs: dark ash or light ash
30.875 x 34.5 x 43.875

For Nurseryworks official site click here


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