I Stand Behind: Ikea's FIXA, floor protectors with rivet

Heavy boxes packed with dishes, clothes and such covered are a large part of the dining room area where the dinner table was not yet set up.  Unable to pick up a heavy box I pushed it across a mere foot when I heard a funny slight low scratching sound and realized that I had made a rather deep elongated impression on the wooden floor... not to be buffed out.  From then on I was very careful to never drag anything across the floor but to clearly lift any object and place it where desired- this I admit was quite a nuisance and quite trying for I had become used to living in other dwellings that did not require this kind of care.

So when my husband brought home a pack of FIXA floor protectors from Ikea I was more than enthused, I had him put them on the furniture feet right away. Thick plastic circular pegs lined on the bottom with a thick pad of felt and on the other side a smaller metal peg where it is hammered into the bottom of the feet of furniture.  Although the FIXAs were pretty sturdy and rigid once hammered into the feet my concern was that the thick felts that padded the bottom of the FIXAs would not hold after a time of dragging on the floor.  But having the FIXAs on for a couple of months now I have complete confidence in the floor protectors. They are easy to install and for only $1.99 for a pack of 8 I find it worth it even if it is only to last a year.

Very gladly, I do not find myself having to pick up and relocate anymore... I drag to my hearts content.

Home Of: Andrew Gn

Name:  Andrew Gn
AKA:  Andrew Gn
Date of birth:  N/A
From:  Singapore

Best known for:  his fashion line, Andrew Gn

*Pictures from Elle Decor
Entry Hall

Drawing room

Drawing room

The procelain room


Dining room

Dining room

Smoking room


sitting area in bedroom

The front of his apartment building

Ranch-Styled Homes

Let us first begin with how the Ranch-style house is defined...

Ranch-style housing is a domestic architectural style originating in the United States.  The structure of the ranch-style house is noted for its long, low profile with minimal use of exterior as well as interior decor.  The houses meld modernist ideas and styles with a feel of the American Western period exuding a style of casual living.  -Wikipedia


The architecture of this ranch-style house goes against the noteable "low" characteristic of ranch-style houses (with the pointed roof), however the open floor-plan and the natural surrounding backdrop seems to be that of a ranch-style home.

Leaning towards the modern in design in and out this is a beautiful example of a 21st century ranch-style home.











Romantic Curtains with the help of Cost Plus World Market

A white buffet with light sea blue bobble knobs, a small crystal chandelier with gold trimmings, a mahogany table in the corner topped with a crystal elephant case and crystal lamp... I'm feeling a whimsical and romantic vibe in the dining room and I know the right kind of window treatment to make it just so.

To create a romantic and whimsical feel in the dining room I used a wooden rod with simple ball filials at the ends (Wooden Ball Drapery Rods $24.99 - $39.99) and sheer cotton curtains in Natural (Natural Crinkle Voile Curtain Panel $14.99), both which I purchased from Cost Plus World Market.

Because the curtains only give off a minimum of privacy as they are fairly sheer and thin it's best to reserve these curtain panels to windows in the home that need less privacy where perhaps the goal may be to dress up the window while keeping the area shaded from sunlight, for these things the curtain panel works perfectly and is absolutely beautiful as well.

The curtain has ties along the top to be secured around the curtain rod.  I find the rows of bows to be charming.

The dining room window is rather long and so I purchased three rods and 6 curtain panels.

The end result was more beautiful than I imagined.  The curtains float with the breeze that passes through the open windows and its Natural coloring gives off a sense of light and airiness that completely transformed the dining area into a place of romanticism.

Using Orange

The brown faux-trim to create a more defined space for the framed
pictures is a beautifully smart way to draw the eye.

Orange, a color to challenge your abilities as an interior decorator. With the recent move to my new home I decided upon painting the home office orange, a medium-bodied orange true to the color of... orange, not deep orange, bright orange, yellow orange, red orange or any of those other orange-ish colors.  My office, is simply orange.  With the choice of the orange office came a difficult task (which is still on-going) of making the office what I want it to be, I will admit that orange has been a challenging hue to work with, perhaps because there are only a few colors that actually go well with orange, or perhaps it is because the tone of orange which is decidedly Fall/Winter and exuberates the feeling of warmth while still upholding the room with a kind of lightness- orange can do this with a depth that is most shocking. Because of these things orange is neither here or there and one must work harder than usual to get the look of a room just right when using orange.

Using orange against a white backdrop in a modern setting will probably always be the easiest way to go with orange.

Or one can go ALL OUT with orange walls, orange flooring and orange furnishings.
The art deco styled room is perfect for the color orange.

One can get away with using the Halloween pairing of orange and black by incorporating
white and a few bits of earthy wooden and brown tones into the mix. A smart way to
play on and play-up the warmth in orange.

Some may think 'Country Bumpkin' but I quite like this country-feeling decor with
the key theme of orange. I find orange to be right at home and in it's element
within this decor style.

Another way to play-up orange in your living room is to use one key piece... in orange of
course! Using the best colors to pair with orange in order to have your one key piece
stand out is a smart way to go about it; teal, white, black and browns are very good
color pairings for orange.

A modern orange kitchen is a fun kitchen with a twist, a not too often used color with sleek minimal designing will keep the kitchen looking popping fresh and quirky, which is something you tend to lose with modern decor- one of the great qualities of orange!

Or use a deep orange to create a more homely kitchen environment. Remember the warmer the hue the
friendlier and cozy it will seem.

Another art deco example but this time used in the dining-room.  The mixed prints or variety of prints used
gives off the feeling of a fun atmosphere while still maintaining the integrity of the room from the use of
geometric prints, which also gives it a feeling of modernity. Orange is accented by black but is also thrown
off with the luxuriousness of the crystals on the chandelier, the bronzed gold on the lamps and mirror and
is melded with white dispersed throughout the room as a transition from color to color.

Quirky and eccentric!  This orange walled dining-room uses large wall art in order to tie
in the bright blues and whites while using a long black dining table to ground the room.

Another fun but not so "in-your-face" way of using orange to create a quirky dining-room environment is to use it as an accent.  The key colors of the dining room is a light sea blue and dark browns, the introduction of orange accents dispersed throughout the room creates a quirky lightness to this otherwise drab room.  Sometimes a bit of color is all you need.

Orange paired with gray and white will create a very modern affect, that is
light and airy.

Bright orange with white will also create a modern room that is fun and light-hearted.  The carefully chosen
orange pendant lamp, orange quilt on the bed goes together well with the carefully chosen black & white
picture above the bed and the carefully chosen white shag rug on the floor. Sometimes being
obvious about the look your trying to achieve is the way to go.

And when you just thought you couldn't get away with modern romanticism with orange! < Which by the way is one of my
favorite decor-styles.  The red orange walls paired with simple white gives off a soft modernity also enhanced by the modern
white wire chandelier and the classic romantic tufted bed headboard. Make note not to dismiss the molded tall window shutters
which gives the orange a classy-look not to be gotten in any other way.
And once can alway achieve a completely unique look by simply running with
it.  A yellow orange is paired with yellow, horizontally yellow is used (the bed,
the ceiling) while the yellow is used for vertical standings (the walls).  The orange-
yellow of the orange color used goes well with the yellow pairing since the two
colors are linked with... that's right, yellow!  The over-use of the two colors with
the geometric bee-hive patterns in the room and the light brown of the natural
fiber run and woven wood wicker chair lends a vibe of relaxation,
quirkiness and fun that is completely unique.

This bathroom in the vintage contemporary style accents the main
bathroom wall with a medium-bodied orange.  The black and white
sink is an accent for the orange wall that also is in the farmhouse
style which has such strong character that it lends a strong vintage
feel to the orange- it is almost as if the vintage-vibe from the sink
is accenting the orange.  Indeed another smart way to use orange.


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