I Stand Behind: Ikea's FIXA, floor protectors with rivet

Heavy boxes packed with dishes, clothes and such covered are a large part of the dining room area where the dinner table was not yet set up.  Unable to pick up a heavy box I pushed it across a mere foot when I heard a funny slight low scratching sound and realized that I had made a rather deep elongated impression on the wooden floor... not to be buffed out.  From then on I was very careful to never drag anything across the floor but to clearly lift any object and place it where desired- this I admit was quite a nuisance and quite trying for I had become used to living in other dwellings that did not require this kind of care.

So when my husband brought home a pack of FIXA floor protectors from Ikea I was more than enthused, I had him put them on the furniture feet right away. Thick plastic circular pegs lined on the bottom with a thick pad of felt and on the other side a smaller metal peg where it is hammered into the bottom of the feet of furniture.  Although the FIXAs were pretty sturdy and rigid once hammered into the feet my concern was that the thick felts that padded the bottom of the FIXAs would not hold after a time of dragging on the floor.  But having the FIXAs on for a couple of months now I have complete confidence in the floor protectors. They are easy to install and for only $1.99 for a pack of 8 I find it worth it even if it is only to last a year.

Very gladly, I do not find myself having to pick up and relocate anymore... I drag to my hearts content.


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