Mount That iPad, Wallee's iPad Case & Wall Mount

Many people I know and no doubt many people you know have the iPad.  So far I have seen the iPad on the kitchen counter along with dusts of flower and sauce as friends look to it for recipes, I've seen the iPad left sitting on the sofa under a pile of pillows, on the floor of restrooms, on living-room tables accessible to tots who love to throw things! Very handy indeed the iPad is, after all, it can do just about anything, do yourself a favor and take a look at this awesome iPad wall mount to keep the iPad accessible yet safely out of the way and your home looking tech-savvy.  And because it's affordably priced it can make a great gift for those you know who have the iPad.

How it works

The back of the shell

The wall mount

The iPad with the shell

Various shell colors to choose from

Made of stainless steel
Shell dimensions:  9.75"w x 7.6"l x .75"d
Mount dimensions:  2.75 dia x .70d
Base price:  $56.00 @ A+R Wallee's iPad Case & Wall Mount
Amazon price $50.00 below


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