Future Inspired Homes

I'm more of a cozy, comfortable and lived-in abode kind of gal, give me country homes any day!  This being the case the furthest thing from my mind is looking to buy a future-inspired home, but I can definitely respect various designs and themes of homes and actually find it interesting to look at.  In my endeavors to broaden my mind I found some pretty interesting pictures of future-inspired homes around the world, had a little bit of trouble trying to decipher what room is what, maybe you'll have a better time of it.

A camouflage green mobile home pod.  Beep! Beep!

I can only imagine cooking dehydrated space food in this kitchen

Okay, this is cool I have to admit.  The light turns colors to let
you know the temperature of the water.  Heck with the future!
We need this now, no more burned fingers!

I had a really hard time with this room, for a long while I thought the black space at the front of this pic
was water, it's actually a black marble floor.  This is a living-room, leather seating around, dining table &
office work table with an aquarium in the back.

A divider wall, not a big fan.  Look at all that
wasted space.  I would think that in the future
everything would be more efficient & space-
saving, being over-populated and all.


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