The Bachelor Pad

For all you bachelors out there if you're bringing home your lady friends and your pad isn't up to par, get on it, because it matters.  Ladies walk into your home and the first thing they do is assess, and they do it quite unaware of it themselves.  

Assessments go something like this:

1.  How is the overall-design?
2.  Is it clean or is it a mess?
3.  Dirty dishes in the sink?  If so how many?
4.  Floors- clean or dirty?  If it's dirty, how grubby are the corners?
5.  What is the entertainment center like?  Clean and nice?  Or does it belong in the dorm?
6.  Bathroom clean enough for a woman?  Is the toilet seat up or down?  Is there a yellow ring inside the toilet bowl?
7.  Does he sleep on a single bed?  Is the bed made? (This can be forgivable depending on your lady friend)
8.  Is there dirty laundry on the floor or in the corners?
9.  How does his hobby area look- clean or is it a mess?  (hobby area:  Area at which your hobby is concentrated).

Yes it seems like a lot, but this assessment literally happens in minutes.  That quick little look around that your lady friend does when she comes over for the first time, this is the assessment period.

Whether you have housemates and have your own bedroom, living in a studio or have your own apartment or home, take pride in your abode and design it nicely to your taste.  Contrary to many bachelor beliefs your home is a way for people to get to know who you are and not just a place to store items.  A few key things your lady friend will know by the end of the night:  if you are a clean or messy person; if you have style; whether your a man or just a guy... *hint, you don't want to be just a guy because every woman wants a man; and, if she's smart whether she can stand you for the long term.

Here are some pictures to inspire your creative side to bring your bachelor pad up to par.

Divider walls are always a good thing for studios, even if it's a portable 
one you get at Ikea or Cost Plus World Market.

Having high ceilings gives the illusion having a lot more space
than there actually is, wooden floors help as well.

Here's a really nice space done in the minimalist style.  If you find that you're not much of an interior
designer- don't lose hope!  Go the Minimalist way, sticking to a couple of colors with very little
furnishing and keeping it clean.

This is my favorite, the teal chairs gives a splash of color to the area letting
me know he has style, his books also lining his kitchen shelves lets me know
he's creative and thinks outside the box.

I'm not much of a Minimalist lover but I can appreciate the look.
Once again the Minimalist needs only a couple different colors, in
this case it would be: black, white with gray accents.

Not to worry if you find that you're hopeless in the area of making your abode worthy of presentation to the lady friend you really like, 90% of women were born hard-wired to know how to match colors and decorate, so ask your gal-pal for help, I'm sure she'll be more than honored and will have an absolute blast doing it as well.


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