DWR, Hot Items We Can't Afford But Don't Mind Ogling

Once a month or so I receive the DWR catalog, this time of the month usually resembles something close to that time of the month, if you know what I mean?  After all you can't really expect me not to be crabby to look at all these absolutely gorgeous items that seem to be way beyond what I can afford, maybe you yourself receive a catalog from DWR and react exactly the same way?  If you do, you know that no matter how much it aggravates you to see these beautifully unique items you'd die to have for prices you can't even dream to pay you'd still flip through that catalog... and yes, I know, you'd still walk into that DWR store to take a look around.

Having said that, let's take a look at two items from the DWR Collection I thought worth mentioning,  with of course no actual purchasing in mind.

SAYL Task Chair $399 or $499 (prices differ by color)
By Swiss designer Yves Behar for Herman Miller
Dimensions: 34.25"-38.75"h x 24.5w x 24.5"d
Materials:  Elastomer, steel, foam, 100% reycled polyester seat

A new DWR product by Yves Behar who lives in San Francisco, the SAYL Task chair  was designed with the Golden Gate Bridge in mind hence the name "SAYL" which originally would have been "Sail" had he not changed the "i" to a "Y" for the signature Y back structure of the chair.  The chair took 3 years to make and is 90% recyclable and comes with a warranty of 12 years.

Sunflower Clock $1,085
By the designer George Nelson
Dimensions:  29.5"dia x 3"d
Materials:  Birch plywood, lacquered metal

The Sunflower Clock was first designed in the 1950's by George Nelson and was later reproduced due to it's popularity by Vitra Design Museum.  A vintage design that keeps ahead of the times is truly something unique and amazing, at a price of over $1,000- I hate to say it, but it looks well worth it.


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