I Stand Behind: Silicone Mini Mitts with Raised Nibs

Fennel-Green Silicone Mini Mitt with Raised Nibs $5.99 @ Sur La Table

I'm sure you and I both feel the same way about burns, we hate them!  I hate the fact that my oven mitt needs to be layered with an extra cloth that is usually the kitchen towel and the matching pot holder that came paired with the oven mitts.  The custom is to put on my oven mitts then grab the pot holder and the kitchen towel and then precede to remove my baked dish in the oven, even still you can feel the heat penetrating through the cloth getting closer and closer to your fingertips- at which point you begin to panic, frantically searching to place your baked dish down... I hate this, you hate this- you know what I speak of.

It's been roughly over two years since I first bought a Silicone Mini Mitt with Raised Nibs (as shown above).  I do a fair amount of cooking so I find myself to be a reliable source to tell you, if you cook often you must throw away your old mitts and invest in this great invention, a silicone mini mitt, your fingers will feel safe!  This is how it goes...  My apples have been baking in a dutch oven for the past hour and half in the 350 degree oven, the timer goes off, I grab my silicone mitts and grab my dutch oven and calmly place it on top of the stove to cool.  No extra cloth is needed, you can literally hold the piping hot dutch oven in these simple silicone mitts and feel absolutely no heat!  I suspect it has something to do with the raised nibs, but I'm not quite sure what- nor do I really care, I'm just very happy about the silicone mitts.


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