The Rug That Ties It All Together

Having lived most my life in dwellings lined with wood floorings I've become a big fan of rugs.  And since living on my own I have a new appreciation for rugs, not only for covering up floors I don't want harmed or keeping my feet warm from the cold wooden floor during the winter months, but also a new found appreciation for it's ability to make a room complete.  Dwellers living in homes with wood floors know exactly what I'm talking about, you can have all the beautiful furniture in the world and that room just won't be what you want it to be without that special rug.

Though one can get away with bare floors in kitchen, mudroom, bedroom and even the bathroom it just doesn't seem to be possible in the living-room.

Imagine how much more beautiful & complete these rooms would
be with a suitable rug that matches each of the room's unique style.

I've seen and shopped for my share of rugs and I know that prices can vary greatly depending on foremost the size of the rug and then the material of the rug.  An area rug can cost thousands and go as low as under $100- impossible you say?! 'Tis true I say, I currently have an area rug in my living room roughly 7'x10' that cost me an awesome $80! (Dragor, two-toned flatwoven from Ikea) it continues to serve me well and make the room hummmmm in 'together-ness'.

When shopping around for rugs I would start at Ikea, there you can find greatly priced rugs, keep in mind this doesn't necessarily mean they are badly made and won't hold up- this is what I thought as well when I bought my inexpensive yet lovely rug at Ikea but it's been great so far!  Try Cost Plus World Market next, this is where I usually go next if Ikea doesn't do the trick, the rugs at Cost Plus are also nicely priced though not as cost-effective as Ikea they have great rugs for much cheaper than other places.  Happy hunting!

@ Cost Plus World Market $150-300

@ Cost Plus World Market $160-320


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