Using Red

I've never been a fan of the color red but I'm slowly warming up to the color especially when it comes to interior design.  I find that red can be so versatile, it can be played down to suit a charming design or played up to a penetrating color that enhances a classical-themed interior or even be used to accent a minimal or modern themed room or home.


The red in the modern kitchen pictured above gives off a pleasant charming accent to what otherwise could have been a cold feeling kitchen.  The use of the color in the kitchen brings down the kitchen into a more welcoming atmosphere and lends an interesting view of the kitchen as a whole; mixing modernism with charm from the red wood of the cabinets is unusual... and yet, very pleasing.

The high gloss red cabinetry and island is contrasted with the light blue walls in the kitchen pictured above, the use of red keeps the kitchen bright and popping.  Light blue is not often paired with such a great amount of high-gloss red and usually in the case of light blue walls red often takes the role of the accenting color.  In this kitchen however the great amount of high-gloss red that is used seems to have a feeling of imbalance between the two colors (red v.s. light blue), red winning out naturally due to the deepness of the color.  However the two colors together although not naturally paired in this manner give off an eccentric vibe that is altogether fun.

In the kitchen pictured above a theme of white and red, the classic pair, comes together to result in a kitchen that is light and pops with fun, imagination and charm.  An interesting take on walls and trim also can be seen in this kitchen.  One wall red with white accents and another white with red accents.  A great way to play with balance and keep it fun.


A classic designed dining room with red has a tendency to remind me of something I've read in Russian classic literature and usually scream "gaudy!!" to me.  The high-gloss red in the sleek walls accented by dark mahogany wood trim (seen in the above picture) is definitely something different.  The sleek red walls is very much modern while the decor and the use of mahogany is very classic not to mention the contemporary rug, and while the there is a mixture of very different and rarely paired styles, the outcome is rather exciting and sophisticated.

One of my favorite pictured red rooms (above), the eating nook.  The enclosed eating nook stands as an accent to the kitchen and set the space off even more-so than it would have already been.  The warmness of the red creates a fun atmosphere against the black and white while also keeping it cozy looking while at the same time chic.


Deep red walls accented with black and white with pops of lighter colors such as the yellow and peach makes for a very contemporary space.  Red walls can make one feel a little too enclosed, even a bit claustrophobic perhaps, but the cleverly used black and white photos placed along the height of the walls creates open space.  And while I don't believe an entirely red-walled living-room to be completely inviting and comfortable the amount of cozy sitting space offered, the lightness lent by the window and the entertainment of the pictures itself can't help me feel like I wouldn't mind sitting in this room for a while.


Candy-cane lane!  Red and white stripes is a great way to go with children's room for the use of red.  What can be more fun for a kid than to be surrounded by a large candy-cane, because that is indeed what they will thinking.  It's a chic over-all design for use of this color while at the same time still maintaining a suitable atmosphere for kids.


So I've saved the best for last, the red entryway, which I think is the perfect and best use for red in the home.  A stunning invitation to any visitors.  Using the red and white classic pair (pictured above) and keeping it clean and simple is always nice, but hanging black and white photos along the walls can also make for an interesting time for the new-comers, you can bet they'll be stuck in that room for at least 10 minutes.  I say it's the best room to use red because the use of red in the entry-way is always surprising to those who have never seen it, and I simply love the idea of starting off with a BANG!


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