Here Kitty Kitty, A New Age Litter Box

I'm a dog person but my significant other is a cat person, I suspect one day we'll have a cat.  My good friends have three cats!  Three cats one big litter box, I'm not entirely sure whether the A+R Modkat Litter Box can handle three cats but it can definitely handle one maybe even two, and beautifully too.  A neat clean-looking contraption that can save space and give your cat the privacy he or she needs when doing the doo, and jazzed up with all kinds of stress-relieving litter box attributes.

View from the sides, bottom and top
The perforated lid is for trailing granules that can easily fall back inside the box.
With a non-skid bottom for wood & tiled floors.

Push to flip the lip

The lid swivels for easy scooping access

Inside a bag contains the litter for easy clean-up

By:  ModProducts
Dimensions:  15"t x 16"d x 16"w (box has been tested for cat comfort)
Materials:  Tarpaulin liner (commercial strength), plastic
Components:  Perforated top lid, Tarpaulin liner, ergonomic scoop/brush
* Comes in a variety of colors.
Base price:  $188.00 @ A+R Store
Amazon price :  $169 (see below)


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