The Perfect Desk: Blue Lounge's Studio Desk

Blue Lounge's Studio Desk $549.99

The one thing I can't stand about electronics no matter how much I love em?  The WIRES!  It makes me want to pull out my hair when I see all those wires cluttered and tangled behind the entertainment center and yes, the DESK.  The desk lamp, computer wires, laptop wires, cables, cables and more cables.

As of late my fiance has been complaining about his desk, he doesn't like it... I don't like it either, it's large, made of glass and wood that shows all the dust... and no where to hide the wires, all wires dangling down to the floor exposed for all eyes to see, for my eyes to see... plugged into one single power strip.

Naturally, I went a hunting on the web and found a near perfect desk, only thing is... there seems to be a lack of drawers- but not to fear this can be easily fixed.  Let me first introduce you to A+R's Blue Lounge's Studio Desk:

Yes I know the lack of drawer space is appalling but what can't be fixed with a desk organizer?  Besides, I don't mind trading drawer space for wire space, do you?

The Container Store Stackable Desktop Drawers $12.99/each


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