iPhone Dock With A Little Bit Of Nature In It

Enchanted Woods iPhone Dock

Okay, highly unlike me to do two posts in a row about techi things, especially things relative to iphones and ipads since I don't own any of these devices, but sometimes there are things out there you come across and you're like "damn- that's pretty sweet", so here I am saying to you, "damn- this is pretty sweet".  Check it out. 

It's the perfect combination of modern & natural woodsy beauty with a unique twist that can only add to the look of your home.

Compatibility:  With most iProducts
Materials:  Wood, Apple USB cord
Dimensions:  6"h, 4"dia
Made:  Handcrafted in the US
Price:  $98.00 @ Anthropologie (this item is exclusive to Anthropologie)
USB connection for charging & synching


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