I Stand Behind: Wood Baskets

Sedona Large Tote @ Crate & Barrel

I live in a 900 square feet apartment, that comes to approximately one bedroom, one bathroom, one living-room, one kitchen and one mud-room, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, merely trying to prove a point.  The point is, when you and your significant other live in a fairly small space you learn how to consolidate, arrange furniture and most of all... use the space that you've got.  If I've learned anything from this trying but happy existence it is that one should always make use of the space they have.

I'm in love with my bathroom, almost as much as I'm in love with my kitchen, my bathroom is made charming with it's 1920's subway tiled walls, pedestal sink and built into the walls underneath the windows are cabinet drawers.  And though it seems we have plenty of drawers there doesn't seem to be quite as much space as I hoped.

I use brown wood baskets to hold my neatly folded towels, it could not have worked out better.  What seemed to me a slight travesty my first day of putting bathroom supplies away upon my move-in to this humble abode became something really great.  My towels are always neatly folded and always out for an easy grab, the basket of neatly folded towels lends a charming and warm feel to my bathroom that I absolutely love.

If you find yourself out of space whether it's in the bathroom, living-room, kitchen or bedroom have a wood basket in mind.  You can easily store magazines and newspapers beautifully near the fireplace, or even throw pillows near the couch.


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