Sunrooms, equally lovely spaces part of the home

I love the jute rug and the greenery and the woodsy furnishings that smartly introduces outside into the sunroom.

We have a little sunroom attached to the back of our home. When we first bought our home about a year ago I had grand plans to transform the sunroom into a Moroccan style lounge, however, with all the other big fixes we were busy doing the sunroom was pushed to the back burner and so naturally, the sunroom is still in need of some serious attention. With so much time that has passed my original idea of the Moroccan lounge seems less appealing so now I'm on the hunt for a new idea, a new look. Here are a few lovely sunrooms that made an impression on me.

Love the amount of seating the huge wooden table, it all points to a large warm gathering. I also love the idea of curtains to have privacy when needed.

I love that this person went all out, no holding back, and went for very chic decor, an unlikely look for a sunroom.

I really love the fireplace added into the sunroom and the fact that this sunroom has a general feeling that it is part of the home, it can even pass as a living room.

I love that this sunroom albeit small has a very warm welcoming decor while keeping it simple.

My favorite sunroom out of the bunch. I love that it has an eating area as well as a sitting area, two things I definitely want in my sunroom.

I love the use of color in this sunroom. So often we see sunrooms with neutrals- which makes sense but why not branch out.

A sunroom turned studio, very downtown and hip to the vibe. Love the completely un-sunroom like sunroom.


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