I Stand Behind: The heavy duty moving blanket

Recently our (my husband's and I) home went through some minor construction that required our furniture to be piled into the center of the rooms, furniture that included our massive bed and our piano, to name a couple of the more heavier objects we found quite unforgivable on our backs in recent times. Very well knowing what kind of struggle we were dealing with we made time to visit our local Home Depot and purchased a couple of moving blankets, at $30 each these ugly but sturdy blankets are not cheap but are very well worth the price when you realize how much easier it is to move that piano, to move that massive bed.

I was quite pessimistic on whether this moving blanket could make that much difference. When my piano moved in to our new home, three very burly men with muscles on top of muscles came teetering in with it, my husband alone could not pick up one end of it an inch off the ground, could a moving blanket really do magical things? Apparently, yes, it can. Something about leverage that I don't clearly understand, especially when talking about this blanket, just makes it work. Needless to say, my husband and I were able, with the help of two moving blankets, to move the piano, our massive bed with the mattress on it, a book shelf with all the books on it and so on.

I love these moving blankets, couldn't do it without you guys! But just to get my money's worth (even more so) they will be doubling as picnic blankets and will be going down on the floors for extra padding when I go camping.


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