The Simple Wine Rack

I've begun drinking wine again and am growing quite a little collection, currently the bottles are lined up on my built-in wall buffet. I've decided that investing in some type of wine rack might be good for the integrity of the look of my home. There are so many types of wine racks to choose from and so far I've managed to narrow down the style I want: simple.

The above pictured wine rack is really quite ideal, except for the fact that I never at any given moment have that much wine; I suppose I drink it much faster than I can save it. So while I love this straight forward timeless wine rack it is much too big.

The line of metal circles that shelves the wine rack is cute, modern, unique, clean looking and simple. But the placement of the wine rack is too final as it seems to be attached to the wall and one-by-one at that. I can only imagine the time it would take to move the wine rack should you want to.

Here is the simple wine rack I am looking to get for my home. Housing about 8 bottles it is the perfect size and should I need more space I can simple buy (or make) more. This style of wine rack is simple enough to make (DIY style) which is another added bonus, I will most likely forego the wine glass holder on the bottom for simplicity's sake. Imagining a row or column of two or three wine racks of this style on my gray dining room walls makes me feel that I have found the perfect wine rack- I'll take that as a big hint that I can now stop looking.


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