Item of Note: Louise van der Veld's Chick-A-Dee Smoke Detector

Available @ A+R, $75.00
My husband has been putting up smoke alarms and CO alarms all around the house, the detectors have become a lot more sleek looking than a few years back where huge round protrusions obviously not a part of the decor mounted exposed on ceilings near doorways. But even with today's sleeker and more modern designs there's just no getting around the same detector faults, let's face it, they may be saving lives but their ugly.

Louis van der Veld obviously felt this way about smoke alarms to some degree, hence a new design for smoke alarms, the Chick-A-Dee. Simply an alarm with the same functions disguised as a perched bird. Not as incognito as we'd like I suppose, but much better for the overall decor of your beautiful home.  Set-up the Chick-A-Dee in the corner or not, if anything, noticers are more likely to coo at the device than look away quickly.

  • Made of plastic and metal materials
  • 18 month battery life
  • 3yr warranty
  • Fully UL approved
  • 85 decibel alarm


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