The Studio Apartment that reaches for new heights

Out of all the different dwellings I have thus lived in so far I can honestly say that the most interesting dwelling to live in and to decorate were the one-bedroom flats, or studios or bachelor units (whatever you want to call them). So often people believe that bigger is better and maybe in some other areas in life this may be true but in the case of dwellings I would have to disagree. Living in a small space is not only convenient but allows you to use your imagination when decorating, whether it is creating false walls via bookcases, trying to figure out smart ways to store items or finding the best way to build up vertically in a chic manner. 

So here's to small spaces! And if you find that you just can't think of anything for your small space, just look at these inspiring pictures.


This space isn't exactly the typical "small" space we speak of but it is a one room flat none-the-less and does deserve it's due credit. Making use of the height of the wall as storage space for books is not only smart but also creates a unique-vibe to the living quarter.


One of the tricks to creating the illusion of a more open and airy space... lightness & white.


Making it comfy and homey is not entirely out of the question. More likely than not you're at an advantage when it comes to these two characteristics when dealing with smaller spaces, much of this has to do with the fact that you have less space to fill which means you're already half way there! 


Contemporary and minimal is a smart way to go. As we all know the tidier a space the more room available. 


One of the smartest and fun ways to go when it comes to making the most out of a small space is to build... upwards! This often means lofted beds!


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