I Stand Behind: Simba Rotary Sponge Bottle Brush with Nipple Brush

Not knowing how to properly wash my baby bottles and bottle nipples I would soak them in very hot soapy water and then rinse them out- this proved to be not too helpful although they looked clean enough, but looking clean enough isn't what you really want for your baby is it? I took a trip through Amazon (my new favorite place to shop these days as I'm home-tied with little baby and all) and perused through all the bottle and more specifically baby bottle cleaners, read the reviews, looked at the pictures and all. Many of the other bottle brushes were too large to be inserted into a baby bottle and then I came upon the Simba Rotary Sponge Bottle Brush that also comes with a nipple brush as well, I read a review in which one of the writers stated that it fit into 5oz. baby bottle and at an affordable eight dollars I was willing to give the Simba a try.

The sponge is pretty durable and upon first look you may not think it can't fit into a 5oz baby bottle but it does, it is a sponge after all and can compress into rather tight spaces. Needless to say, my bottles are shiny and clean and so are the bottle nipples. I have to admit that after having cleaned them with the Simba rotary which simply works as it should, amazing! That I was beating up myself for having fed my child with such dirty bottles and nipples! I've also found that the nipple brush is a very useful tool for cleaning other things as well, such as my breast pump parts!

The Simba Rotary is one of those purchase items that you rave about, a simple design, an affordable price and just works as it should, I'm absolutely in love with it and can see me holding onto the Simba rotary for quite a long time as it can be used to clean other bottles and small items as well.


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