Bathrooms With That Special Something

I find the funnest rooms to decorate are the rooms that you expect the least decoration from, rooms such as the mudroom, bathrooms, entryway etc. I always love walking into a bathroom with an unexpected design. Below are a few choice images of bathrooms with exceptionally unique decor that will hopefully open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking... about your restrooms.

The teal wood panelled walls and raised platform for the claw-foot tub caught my eye in this image. It's a prairie house bathroom gone chic!

The tile and tub of this restroom reminds me of the old restrooms in the older homes I've seen except usually the tiles I've seen in these homes are usually pink. I love the green tiles here and how they go so unexpectedly well with the marble sink counter top.

The accessories: plant, stool and wooden tub board plays on the vintage bathroom accessorizing it to maintain it's main feature of being... well, vintage.

It's almost comical that a painted portrait would sit where the mirror should be, aside from that the gold toned plumbing fixtures lends a certain air of sophistication to the otherwise "old" restroom.

The combination of off-white shower tiles and dark wooden floors is very hipster-ish while the combination of the wooden circular table and high back arm chair is country chic.

The wooden sink counter top lends a very "natural" element to the restroom and also a thumbs up to the sink fixtures on the walls!

The large furniture cabinet piece for storage creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to the fully tiled bathroom.

Mis-matched mirrors for the dual sink restroom makes for an eccentric vibe.

The vintage bell fixture holds the bathroom together.

What is there NOT TO mention in this restroom. Everything is unique in this restroom from the claw shower stall, to the brightly colored arm chair and the baby blue towel hanger, one may say it's a bit over the top- but that's exactly why it's so great.


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