Item of Note: Copper Dial Thermometer

For as long as I have known him, my husband has had a thing for thermometers, specifically the kind that gives you a reading on the weather. Since I have known him he has bought a total of three thermometers, all of which, in his mind is not the one he was looking for; they were either too inaccurate, simply, the thermometers were inconvenient in some way or other. Living with him I have come to realize that being a perfectionalist is hard in a world where everything is made by man, who is, in a word, imperfect.

Browsing Terrain one day, I came upon their new copper thermometer. Beautifully designed and said to be highly accurate this German thermometer is the first thermometer I have had an interest in and when I introduced it to my husband actually peaked an intense interest in him as well, especially the "highly accurate" phrase. 

While I cannot say that this is the perfect thermometer (that is a rather bold and rare statement) I can say that it is nearest to the perfect thermometer that I have yet to come across. And of course it is absolutely beautiful too, which simply goes to show that a thermometer does not have to be unattractive, which unfortunately they usually are.


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