Flemish Kitchens

The Flemish kitchen favors simplicity and utility, thus exposed shelving, minimal decor and large open spaced kitchen where kitchen and dining area are one can be seen as very important aspects and are characteristics often not missed in the Flemish and Flemish-inspired kitchen. If there is to be any detail worth noting that goes beyond simplicity and utility it would be the tile-work and in more exquisite traditional Flemish kitchens, the fireplace. While both the tile-work and fireplace may still be seen in today's standards as being rather simple, for the traditional Flemish kitchen it is worth noting. Above and below are a few examples, pictures of the look of the traditional Flemish kitchen style.


Above and below are a few examples of beautiful modern Flemish-inspired kitchens. Characteristics such as simple tile-work, the use of wood, commune tables, large open spaces, vintage style ovens and open shelving are examples of how the Flemish kitchen has inspired these pictured.


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