I Stand Behind: Yoga blankets as a throw

My last throw blanket that I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond was cheap, the softness of the fur only lasted a week or so before I began to realize that the more I used it the more matted and oily-like the fur became, so when I adopted Annie from a rescue I gave her, whole-heartedly, the throw blanket. And so, ever since, I have been looking for that worthy throw blanket. The requirements of the throw blanket were:

1. Price: Affordability was a major factor (of course!). While I came across many beautiful Mexican woven throw blankets, they were all out of my price range at $250+. I was willing to spend at most just a bit over $100 (and that's only if I really had to).
2. Material: Woven. A woven throw blanket was my first choice mainly because it is sturdy while softening with time and the kind of look I was hoping to achieve in my home.

I did not expect a throw blanket to be expensive but every time I passed a window display or  throw blanket in a home store the price was always more than I had imagined, definitely much more than I was willing to spend. And then one day in my yoga class going into my Downward Dog pose, I found myself staring at the beautiful gray Mexican yoga blanket neatly folded beneath me, this got me thinking. After class I found myself in the tiny little yoga store that is a part of the yoga studio and saw a stack of Mexican yoga blankets, all in different colors but in the same material, size and design, and when I asked for the price I was completely blown away... $26.00! I grabbed one immediately and even contemplated getting a second. Funny enough the throw blanket that I have been hunting for for a whole year was not a throw blanket at all but a yoga blanket! What's the difference? Nothing really.

And of course when I brought it home, Annie claimed it immediately.

There are a few different places you can purchase different Mexican woven yoga blankets on-line and quite a few designs to choose from in a wide range of colors. I purchased my yoga blanket (a Yogaworks brand) at my local Yogaworks studio, I found this to be advantageous especially for choosing the right color and taking a closer look at the thickness and such.


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