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Definition of Foyer:

: an anteroom or lobby especially of a theater; also : an entrance hallway: vestibule

Foyers, if you have one and most likely you do, whether it's a long or short hall or even just a small space it's a great area to get creative.  Foyers are the first thing your guests will see and so in this way the  space is important, what do you want the first impression to be for your companions when they walk into your home?  Here's a few ideas to spark your imagination.

With bigger boxy spaced foyers the general trend seems to be a center piece, this usually includes a table and a center pendant lamp.

In this picture the pendant lamp and the choice of table topper (tall plants) are the center of attention

In this section of large boxy spaced foyers, pictured below is my favorite concept, adding the usual center piece table under the large pendant lamp, then untraditionally using the foyer table as a study with an armed chair.

A more contemporary approach: terrariums as table toppers & large circular pendant lamps

When you begin to plan a design for your empty foyer, stand in the space and take a look around, sometimes it is best to make the center piece that which is already there.  Below is a picture of a foyer space where the front door is placed right across from the beautiful family room, in this case putting a table topped with a center piece would have a cluttering affect as the room behind is already well decorated, and so appropriately they left the foyer as empty as impossible and instead added a side wall table and a chair next to the doorway of the room, resulting in a very elegant design.

Keep in mind that the foyer decor and design you pick for your home should go along with the decor and design of the rest of your home.  If you have a Japanese themed design in your home do not decide on a 1950's vintage design for your foyer, remember that the foyer is very much like a prologue to a book, an introduction to your home, so the tip here is:  When designing your foyer do not concentrate on only the foyer, but also take into consideration the rest of your home, consider the transition between the foyer and the next room beyond.

Asian inspired foyer
Zen inspired foyer

Play with what you've got.  If there is a key feature of your foyer that you are really taken with, play off that feature and build your design around it, this will help to enhance that key feature as well incorporating it well into your design.  Pictured below, the foyer plays off the shiny tiled floor by adding a lacquered table and glass lamp, carrying the shine and gloss throughout.  Another key feature in the below foyer is the Black framed entry door, the color is carried throughout the foyer in various places:  the black lamp shade, the black table topper and the black framed wall mirror.

Key features in this foyer are the white stair rails & white wall boards.

Look down!  Take a good look at the foyer floor, is it wood?  Tile?  What color is it?  If you have on your hands a great looking foyer floor, use it to your advantage!

I love the use of contrasting colors: the yellow
striped walls and the black checkered flooring
Note: the handrails & picture frames are also black

I love this modern vintage tiled flooring and the color of it too!

You can always go contemporary modern.  Newer home structures today lean towards a more modern and sleeker design architecturally, and that's okay because a modern look for your home can be pretty amazing as well.

Maybe you are a dreamer or have an excess of personality, whatever the reason may be, don't rule out having fun with your decor/design.  Designing your space is very much about how it makes you feel, this is your home after all and though you may want to impress your guests remember that you will be walking in through that door more times than anyone else, so the tip here is:  Design your space for you.

I love smaller spaces, I feel more at home in cozy small spaces with charm.  A smaller space doesn't mean you don't have a choice or that you can't design your foyer to your liking, obviously there are some limitations- like space, but trust me, there is always something that can be done.  

The color of the walls is a key element here.
Consider repainting smaller spaced foyers to add the illusion of a bigger space
or for a splash of color!

Don't forget about the nooks and crannies, great things can be done with them.

And remember that "charming" goes well with small spaces


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