I Stand Behind: Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge

If cleaning was easy then we really wouldn't mind doing it but let's face it, no matter how lazy we are and how dirty our surroundings are day-to-day we all love to be living in a clean and tidy home. There are a few house chores I find rather easy and don't mind doing, such as loading the dish washer, doing laundry or even taking out the trash. But when it comes to cleaning sinks... let's just say I let it go... and go... and go, until it gets quite gross, I suppose deep down I'm hoping for my handy dandy husband to do it but of course he doesn't, and why should he? He already cleans the toilets (which I will never agree to do for as long as I live).

It seems that pregnancy has gotten me even lazier than I was before, I can't seem to stand the thought of scrubbing, soaping and bleaching the sink until it's all a shiny porcelain white like the first time we installed it. However, with the laziness came a really great idea, the idea to use Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge! I usually use the magic eraser sponge on walls, cabinets, doors and tiles where stains, dry drips of colored things and scuff marks are- and they do work awfully well on these, but I've never tried the magic eraser sponge to clean sinks before.  Of course, it worked... like... magic.

To use the sponge, simple wet and squeeze excess water out, then begin using on surfaces that need any removals of scuffs and food stains (or whatnot), you can pretty much use it on any surface (with the exception of probably raw wood). I've used it on doors, tile counter tops, walls, moldings, bassboards and cabinets.


It's quite embarrassing to show the state of my bathroom sink, yes, quite disgusting I know. I let the grime and dust really build-up around the sink fixtures and around the sink drain. I'd like to say I let it get this disgusting for the sake of this post... but honestly, I've just been really lazy.


It took a total of about 5 minutes to clean the bathroom sink, I tackeld the fixtures, the drain, the sink basin and around the sink top edges. I'm not sure how the magic eraser sponge works but it worked much faster and easier in swiping away all the caked grossness without much force- this is in comparison to my usual sink cleaning routine which usually consists of some hard scrubbing with the soft side of a regular sponge and soap, and I never tackle the fixtures with the regular sponge as I find it never clears away the water spots but the magic eraser sponge did. So clean. So easy. So fast!

You can find Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge at any supermarket but I find that it's a bit cheaper Home Depot and you can also find the pack of 4 there also (versus the smaller packs of 2 or 3 you find at the market). 


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