Rooftop Gardens

Fiancee and I are looking for a place to buy, we want to settle down, we want to have a baby, we want to be self-employed, sounds very much like what everyone else wants... Anywho, with a marriage slowly coming these are the things that come to our minds.

A repeated discussion about buying a home goes something like this:

Me:  Can't we just buy a place where it's quiet, where there's not so many people... how about Carmel?  Or even Monterey?

Him:  Well, my job is here and I don't think it would be very responsible to just move to a city where I don't have a job lined up.

Me:  Well I don't want to buy a house, lets do condo?

Him:  Well lets just look and see what's out there, yes?

Me:  Okay, but I want a condo with rooftop access, period.

It's pretty amazing how one can have the same conversation over and over.  It seems we'll be living in the city for a while more and the only thing that can make that bearable is a condo loft with rooftop access.  So far I've only taken a look at one condo with rooftop access- apparently this is really hard to come by in LA, go figure.  My fiancee may not understand why I want rooftop access so badly, I'm hoping these pictures will explain it to him.


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