Lucas Studio Inc. - Pictures of it's work at Big Sky, MT

When it comes to interior decor much of my time is spent looking at other designers ideas and works, I find that it's a good way to learn, a good way to get new ideas, a good way to keep an open mind.  Recently I came across Lucas Studio Inc and his interior decor work on a house at Big Sky, MT.  I found his decor ideas and arrangements interesting, there were things that I didn't like and many things that I DID like, just wanted to share some thought with you and share some beautiful pictures as well.

The wooden bench near the entryway is something that I agree with for use and
believe that it always gives a bit of charm when placed near stairs & entryway.

I love the windows, I'm big on windows.  Also wanted to mention the green lamp
which I think is just beautiful in that rustic kind of way

The blue color of the couch with it's velvet like texture caught my eyes, it exudes
a comfy country-home feel without losing a statement making look

The fireplace with it's built in wood holder is great!  I have a few friends who use
their fireplaces regularly and wood can be quite dirty and dusty- this separate section
for wood would be very helpful to anyone who lives in an area with four seasons

The horse picture is absolutely beautiful and gives the room a fun & interesting edge

Here's yet again another horse picture!

Just wanted to point out the wild flowers and the indian design

I've been noticing a lot of use of antlers, particularly for lighting. 
Here again is an antler, this time in the restroom.

For more Lucas Studio Inc please click here.


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