Culver City Smog Shop

My brother is getting married.  I followed him the other night to a place in Culver City called the Smog Shop, like it's name the Smog Shop is an automobile smog shop, the twist is... it's an auto shop that has been converted into an event venue.  Small in size it's quaint, the decor is like a run-down older version of Anthropologie, yes, the clothing store: wood, vintage furniture, succulents, vintage vintage and... more vintage.  In a nutshell, it's a unique space, a romantic space... a beautiful space.  Take a look.

The front entrance

A look at the space from the entrance door

Use of outdoor Wooly pockets allows for beautiful foliage on the walls which serve as a back-drop for wedding ceremonies

A view of the bathroom door & stairway to the bridal room upstairs

The bridal floor that over-looks the outdoor space

The bridal floor bathroom entry

The shower stall inside the bridal bathroom

Women's public restroom downstairs

The reception area

The reception area with a view of the sitting area

A closer view of the sitting area

A green tufted vintage armchair in the sitting area

A very large fan


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