Attics Transformed Into Livable Spaces

If you are starting off with an attic space like this to transform consider yourself very lucky!  This could easily be set up as a
studio or apartment to let.

I have yet to live in a home with attic space, but if I ever have a choice of whether to have an attic or not I'd immediately pick "YES!"  The idea of being able to transform an attic space into another kind of livable space would be too exciting to pass up!  My previous notions of attic space being places for storing piles of boxes that will ultimately becomes covered in inches of dust is long gone after having seen this pics.  Enjoy!

Attic space transformed into a playroom for the kids

The eldest gets dibs right?

Transformed into a contemporary bedroom

Transformed into a retro apartment

A den for the man in the attic

The little alcove in the attic was perfect for bed space

Transformed into a contemporary office space

This attic space even has it's own bathroom


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