Decorative Planters That Can Only Add To Your Wanted Ambiance

Between finance and all the other things that I want for my home getting a worth-while planter is forever being pushed to the side.  I think it's about time I appreciate what a great-looking planter can do for the home, add to the ambiance of your home.  With the right purchase you can get a beautiful planter that will add color and character to your window sill, fire mantle, outdoor patio or floor.

Spiraled Citrine Planter $48.00
Material:  Terracotta
Dimension:  12.5"h x 8.5"diam
Description:  Handwash, lemon-lime glaze coated tripod pot, with lid.

Giraffe Medallion Pot $32.00
Material:  Earthenware
Dimension:  15"h x 10.25l x 5.5"w
Description:  Handwash


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