I Stand Behind: Re-using jars and bottles

I have a collection of glass jars and bottles that I've been collecting from finished pickles, capers, juices and things. It all began with a wedding, my wedding, I was set on having a romantic country-style wedding, I envisioned a long table topped with white wild flowers in various jars, so I began collecting jars... and it never stopped. I found that when you took off the label and thoroughly wash the jar of residue and scent that they are absolutely charming and very helpful in storing beans, seeds, grains, pickles, preserves and etc. Of course your husband, as my husband has, can be very appreciative when he finds that you've got plenty of jars to spare so that he has a great way to organize all his little nails, and knick and knacks from the garage. Jars? There definitely a good thing.


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